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MRPeasy is a cloud-based ERP/MRP system designed for manufacturers with up to 200 employees. The software offers SMEs across all industries the same powerful range of functionalities that larger systems do for bigger companies, but at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, as the platform has been built specifically for businesses with no in-house IT staff, it is intuitive and easy to implement and use.

More than 250 companies in the UK have successfully implemented MRPeasy. One of them is Exacta Technologies.

Bespoke hardware for high performance computing

Exacta Technologies is a computer hardware company, specialising in designing, configuring, and manufacturing bespoke, high-performance computer servers and workstations. Founded in 2001, the company started out by producing tailored platforms for software providers, allowing those companies to offer hardware along with their software that would ensure the best possible user experience.

Today, Exacta Technologies and its three subsidiaries – Platform, Blackcore, and Proline – produce bespoke hardware platforms, servers, and workstations for clients that need high-performance computing, employing 36 staff and with a projected turnover of £10m this year.

Xero lacked the basic functionalities for inventory and manufacturing management

Migrating from Sage to Xero, Exacta realised that despite offering a great improvement in data presentation, Xero lacked the basic functionalities for inventory and manufacturing management, including BOMs, production planning and scheduling, reporting, etc. Luckily, Xero also offered integrations with an array of third-party solution providers. After trialing and testing several manufacturing suites, Exacta chose to implement MRPeasy.

“MRPeasy won because of its excellent balance of user-friendliness and the reams of functionality expected from much larger systems,” explains Chris Lander, Operations Manager. “Plus, as we were looking to eliminate spreadsheets, the production scheduling capability of MRPeasy was also a deciding factor.”

The complex nature of the business made moving to a new system a daunting task at first. For example, Exacta handles a vast array of BOMs – including Matrix BOMs – and subcontracting, which can be difficult to manage even if one finds software that supports it.

“But one of the greatest things about this system is the support materials,” Landen says. “Whenever we have an issue, we can be sure that by giving ourselves some time to get accustomed to the software and the instructions, we will find a solution. We still have some aspects to figure out and improve, but the whole process has been remarkably smooth.”

Improved productivity and positive feedback from customers, suppliers and employees

According to Landen, MRPeasy has provided Exacta with the tools to analyse and streamline their processes.

“Since we started to use worker reports, we have accumulated data from the shop floor that gives us more visibility into production and can process the information much quicker and get insight into the efficiency of our workers” explained Landen.

Exacta has also received positive feedback from customers, suppliers, and workers, Landen says.

“We are now able to give more accurate information on prices and delivery times to customers, our clients prefer the new, cleaner quoting system,” Landen details. “Account managers have more visibility into the state of customer relationships. Vendor performance is improving as we are able to expedite purchasing processes and plan supplies in a more efficient manner. All these improvements are passed on to the customer and reflected back to us.”

As a final comment, Landen had this to say: “We would recommend MRPeasy to anybody. It’s powerful, reasonably priced, easy to learn and use. And I can’t really overstate the helpfulness of the support documents.”

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