Rugged, Compact, Safe

USi®-safety Ultrasonic System for Category 3 PL d

Reliable protection is required wherever people and machines interact. The USi®-safety system guarantees protection based on the design-related robustness of the ultrasonic sensors. The separation of the actual sensor component from the control interface allows for an extremely compact design. The devices can be easily installed in very confined spaces.

In addition to access protection in safety areas, the USi®-safety system offers flexible solutions for autonomous units such as robots and self-driving transport systems. It is the only ultrasonic system with safety approval in accordance with EN ISO 13849 Category 3 PL d.

The USi-safety system can be flexibly integrated into AGVs

The ultrasonic transducers of the USi-safety system meet the requirements for the IP69K degree of protection, are suitable for outdoor use, and can withstand high-pressure cleaning. The sound beams of the ultrasonic transducers have an elliptical cross section, allowing for an especially large sensing range. The safety architecture is based on continuous two-channel electronics with fail-safe outputs and two microcontrollers that monitor each other. Two sensor units can be connected to one control interface.

The USi-safety system offers two independent channels, each of which complies with ISO 13849 Category 3 PL d