MiniTec UK: a Key Ingredient in the World’s Smartest Kitchen

MiniTec UK was recently involved in the realisation of an innovative and intelligent smart kitchen design. World-renowned designer, Johnny Grey, and expert in ageing, Peter Gore, designed a multigenerational kitchen to meet the needs of age-spanning families around the world.

MiniTec’s modular system was used in the prototype design with gantry frameworks at the rear of the work areas and the overhead support rail. Known as the 4 Gen Kitchen, the completed and fully working prototype has been installed at the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The 4 Gen kitchen features innovative technology and superior design to include features that not only make the kitchen functional, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically sound, but help the youngest and oldest family members stay safe – perfect for multigenerational households. For example, a spill detector and alarm for the floor to prevent accidents, and locking devices on the drawers and cupboards when it senses a child is alone.

Johnny Grey said, “Firstly a very BIG thank you to everyone for helping make the 4GK prototype possible.  We have now installed the kitchen at NICA Catalyst Building in Newcastle and although it’s not entirely finished – it’s a prototype after all – there is enough completed to allow us to begin assessing it with VOICE and begin building up data on behaviour and responses to the design.”

Gary Livingstone, MD of MiniTec UK, said “We are so proud to have been involved with the design of the prototype. This project highlights the versatility of our products and we are delighted to have been included in a design so innovative and forward-thinking.”

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