Dyneo+, the new range of connected motors with very high efficiency levels

Dyneo+ from Nidec Leroy-Somer is a new range of super premium efficiency permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motors which incorporate alone all the benefits of induction and synchronous permanent magnet technologies. Dyneo+ offers in addition significant advances in terms of smart drive solutions.

With an IE5 energy efficiency level, Dyneo+ makes it possible to achieve substantial energy savings in real use on cycle at variable speed and load. As a consequence, the range achieves the lowest Total Cost of Ownership on the market.

The range has been developed alongside the Nidec Leroy-Somer speed drives to optimize the motor performance for operation with or without position feedback. Thanks to the new Systemiz interactive application, Dyneo+ benefits from a variety of digitalized services to facilitate the exchange of information between the systems and trigger the subsequent action.

Offering accurate speed and torque control, the Dyneo+ drive and motor assembly guarantees constant torque over extended speed ranges, with no derating or forced ventilation. This is also an easy-to-implement solution, highly-effective for applications requiring high torque at high speed. High starting performance in sensorless mode avoid the need for an encoder.

Nidec Leroy-Somer has developed the Dyneo+ range based on the mechanical platform of its IMfinity® induction motors, known for their robustness and reliability. The use of proven components provides these new motors a great strength of design and an extended service life.

Dyneo+ was designed to ensure fast installation, simple parameter setting and easy maintenance. Equipped with a large terminal box for easier wiring, the motor can be assembled or dismantled as simply as an induction motor. Through the technology using rotor low losses, Dyneo+ reduces maintenance costs particularly in increasing greasing intervals.

Ranging from 11 to 500 kW for speeds up to 6000 rpm, Dyneo+ is available in a compact version to address any of space and weight constraints, or in an interchangeable version with an IEC standard motor for the upgrade of equipment with high-performance solutions.

With the widest range of aluminium-housing motors on the market, Dyneo+ is also characterised by its great adaptability to different environments, thanks to its cast iron version.

These advantages make Dyneo+ an extremely versatile range in full compliance with the requirements of markets in the industrial refrigeration, compression, pumping, ventilation, extrusion, grinding, etc. Dyneo+ adapts to process applications, combining energy imperatives and productivity needs.



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