Linear Motor Development

Low maintenance – Long life design

Over the last few years, Linmot have been developing new modular designs based on their renowned range of high-speed linear motors. This has expanded from replacing pneumatic cylinders to fully integrated modules that are much easier for customers to build directly into machines.

On capping and assembly machines for example, the new range of PR02 combined linear rotary motors provide a clean compact unit. Quin Systems, as the Linmot UK distributor, have been directly replacing motor and clutch systems in many capping and assembly applications with great success.

Just announced are a new DM01 linear motor module which includes a high-stiffness linear guide. Loads up to 30kg can be directly mounted on the end and the clean design makes it very suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications. The range provides strokes up to 575mm and peak force up to 572N and slider lubrication is not needed.

The unique Linmot MagSpring® can be added to provide weight compensation for vertical applications. Two DM01 modules can also be combined to form a 2 axes x/y pick and place system for example.


Sensor feedback

With the advent of Industry 4.0, it is becoming increasingly important to bring together automation and real-time analytics through enterprise-wide connectivity.

As a result, the new products from Linmot such as the PR02 Linear Rotary family of motors now offer extra features such as torque sensing and force measurement.  These can be used in combination with linear and rotary position and velocity measurement for detecting multiple conditions during capping or assembly for example. They can also be used for monitoring and maintenance purposes.

With closed-loop servo control and force and torque sensing throughout, very repeatable and high quality assembly can be achieved. Any poor thread, misalignment or out of tolerance parts can be detected early in the process. It could either be attempted again for example with another screw or cap or rejected before wasting any more time on the assembly.

A great advantage with LinMot products is that most of the main PLC networks are available on the drives such as EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink and many others. This allows flexibility of control and information feedback to be integrated very easily into almost any control system.

For more information, please contact Quin Systems, the UK LinMot distributor on 0118 977 1077 or [email protected].                     


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