Using the Right Server Cabinet Slides can be Business Critical

Business and government runs on data. In fact many organisations simply can’t function without data. According to a survey of server farm owners by the Uptime Institute and one in six had suffered an outage and estimated the total cost to them was more than $1 million. Even companies with a few servers in a single rack can suffer badly if there is a problem.

The problem is rarely because of the way the server in mounted in the rack, though poor ventilation and temperature control can cause problems. However, fixing a problem can require getting access to the server and with problems potentially costing thousands of pounds an hour it makes sense to invest in slides that allows technicians to work quickly. JET PRESS stock a range of Drawer Slides from Accuride that make installation and maintenance of your rack server quicker and easier.

The key features of these drawer slides are that they extend more than 100%. This allows easy access the back of the server. They are also only 9.6mm thick and this maximises the space for the server and other items.


The most popular products for 19 inch rack servers

There are industry standards covering the width of server housings. Most rack mount servers are 19 inches wide, meeting the EIA 310 standard. The height is 1.75 inches, but this is normally referred to as a U.

JET PRESS offer a range of Drawer Slides from Accuride that are specifically designed for use in rack mount servers. The Accuride 2807 Server Rack Slide can be used for 1U and 2U servers, keyboard trays and fan trays. It has a load rating of up to 45kg.

The Accuride 2907 Drawer Slide can be used for 1U to 4U chassis and has a load rating of up to 55kg. Both have a lock-out feature to keep the rack server in position while you work on it. Sometimes technicians may need to remove the rack server from the rack. The front disconnect feature allows this without having to unscrew the drawer runner.

The Accuride 2807 Drawer Slide comes in three lengths. The Accuride 2907 Drawer Slide in ten different lengths. All Accuride Electronic Enclosure Drawer Slides are made from Mild Steel with a Zinc Plate & Passivate finish.


Specialised rack server products

JET PRESS can also supply kits from Accuride to make installing these Drawer Slides easier and their team are on hand to provide help and advice on the best kits for your requirements.

The Accuride CC5AD Cable Carrier is useful for cable management. It is suitable for units at least 2U high and has a cable carrying width of 31mm.

If you need 100%+ extension drawer slides with higher load capacities, JET PRESS can help. The Accuride 0301 and 0305 have load capacities up to 70kg. The Accuride 0305 also offers lock-out and front disconnect. If you only need 75% extension. The Accuride 0201 has a load rating of 50kg and the Accuride 0204 has a load rating of 65kg with Front Disconnect and lock-out.

By using Accuride Drawer Slides you help to protect your servers which in turn protects your data and your ability to function and do business.

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