What maintenance staff need to know about geared motors

~ WEG releases third gearbox guide in a four-part series ~

Leading global manufacturer of motors and drive technology, WEG has published its latest guide to help maintenance staff keep geared motor maintenance and lifecycle costs to a minimum. Titled What maintenance staff need to know about geared motors, the guide includes a useful maintenance schedule checklist which can be downloaded for free at www.weg-wg20.com

Gears are among the most important components in many drive trains, providing the necessary motion sequences in machines and systems. Yet when things go wrong, often attributed to sub-optimal maintenance practises, entire systems are often brought to a standstill. The guide sets out to help maintenance professionals make better decisions, before these kinds of eventualities.

As well as streamlining the maintenance process, the guide offers advice on how to ensure a constant availability of parts by the manufacturer or supplier. This means if a replacement part is needed during the lifespan of the geared motor, it can be sourced quickly.

“In many cases, companies can invest a lot of resources and time in carrying out maintenance checks but lack the data to know if their strategy is effective or even addressing their main concerns,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk, European marketing manager at WEG. “This guide will help maintenance staff know what they are looking for, and the benefits of predictive maintenance.

“The information guidebook can be downloaded for free, to help buyers understand how to carry out maintenance checks the right way; along with making a switch to a more advanced approach for gearbox maintenance, such as using sensors and software to detect performance abnormalities.”

The guide release coincides with WEG’s official launch of its WG20 gearbox range. Developed completely in-house at WEG, the WG20 geared motor range provides a reliable and highly versatile solution for a wide range of applications. The range consists of helical gear units, parallel shaft and helical bevel gear units, with torques between 50 and 18,000 Nm.

Further information on WEG’s products can be found on the company website. The gear purchasing guide, What maintenance staff need to know about geared motors, can also be requested via this link here.