WEG supplies electric motor for REPSOL hyper compressor

~ WEG and REPSOL strike a global partnership ~

Motor and drive manufacturer, WEG partnered with REPSOL to replace a 40-year-old ABB machine with an electric motor for the activation of REPSOL’s hyper compressor. Replacing old machines present several challenges, but WEG successfully supplied an electric motor and an excitation panel to REPSOL’s unit in Sines, Portugal.

The project, which involved the development and implementation of a synchronous motor (Exp, 7.2mW, 30 pole) and an excitation panel, was required to provide an interconnected and protected automation solution for REPSOL’s hyper compressor. The new SEL 2000, 7.2mW, 200rpm, 6kV, 50Hz motor, was supplied for a line 2-PEBD Ethylene hyper compressor, triggering maximum pressure (2000 bar).

The project required the design, manufacture and supply of an electric motor and the removal of the old machine. This involved a series of procedures, starting with the removal, packaging and storage of the existing motor.

Replacing an older motor, which was installed more than 40 years ago, does not come without its challenges. WEG initiated a detailed analysis of the motor’s dimension, protection, wiring and pressurisation system, to ensure the new WEG motor could be installed with existing certification standards.

“WEG intends to leverage and expand its know-how to fulfil any customer requirement — regardless of the complications,” explained Patricia Guedes of WEG Portugal. “The new automation system for REPSOL was difficult to implement, but will integrate the excitation system, auxiliary systems to protect the synchronous motor for safe operation.”

WEG’s motors are developed for the most diverse market segments, adhering to the quality and performance requirements of any given application. In this case, the unique requirements of replacing a motor which has been in place for over 40 years.

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