RS Components stocks Bluetooth®-enabled Smart Torque Wrenches from FACOM® for faster and more precise tightening

The new torque wrenches leverage Bluetooth connectivity and digital interface for accurate and efficient fastening and full traceability

LONDON, UK, 15 September 2020RS Components (RS), a trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE: ECM), a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers, is now stocking the FACOM® E.516ST range of Smart Torque Wrenches for greater precision and safety in critical fastening applications. The digital tools leverage Bluetooth® connectivity, enabling fast and accurate torque tightening and a transparent audit trail across a variety of workshop and maintenance applications.

The Smart Torque Wrenches can be paired to any mobile device in seconds thanks to a dedicated FACOM app. Torque values can be entered into the tool via the app, enabling users to make all necessary tightening adjustments quickly and accurately. To speed the process further, favourites can be recalled from the app database for recurring tasks where required torque values are repeated throughout the day.

Another key feature is the haptic sensory warning that is emitted through the handle whenever a user is nearing the required torque level. A positive audible and tactile ‘click’ then notifies the user when the maximum permitted torque is reached, reducing the risk of over-torque.

Users can also monitor, at a glance, how tightening is progressing thanks to four LEDs that change from amber to green to a red flashing light. The fastening status is also displayed on an OLED screen and on the connected device through the app. The LED light, screen and app also alert users when calibration is required and provide updates on battery level and memory status.

Full traceability is another key benefit that the Smart Torque Wrench range brings to users. All values entered throughout the day are recorded and synced via the FACOM app database, generating a log of tightening tasks with related applied torque figures. In this way, workshop, garage, or production managers can count on accurate activity analysis and a reliable audit of the work completed for the end customer.

Other features include a robust charging dock that can be installed horizontally, or wall mounted for greater flexibility and resistance to water and dust ingress in line with IP54 requirements.

The Smart Torque Wrench is ideal for a variety of applications including fastening of cylinder head nuts, vehicle, aviation parts production, railway maintenance, and industrial repair in workshops and small-to-medium production lines.

The FACOM® E.516ST Smart Torque Wrench range is now available exclusively from RS in the UK.

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