3DPRINTUK, a leading service provider of polymer powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing processes for manufacturing applications, continues its impressive investment in post processing equipment that allows it to increase its range of services and materials for its customers.

Hot on the heels of its recent announcement introducing the PrimePartST flexible PEBA material, and the announcement of a shot peening service for low, medium, and high volume parts to enhance surface finish, today 3DPRINTUK unveils multiple new colour options through its £50K investment in another DM60 machine from DyeMansion.

Nick Allen, CEO at 3DPRINTUK says, “During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, 3DPRINTUK made a pragmatic decision that we would use this time to reach out to our community to find out what they wanted from us. The feedback was extensive and highly informative, and we reacted by further refining our 3D printing services in order to offer an expanded and versatile palette of options for our customers. Introducing PEBA means we can now provide a flexible, rubber-like material in addition to nylon 12 and shot peening means we can provide a superior surface finish than ever before to our nylon parts. Our investment in the new DyeMansion machine, and our traditional exhaustive testing, means that we can now provide parts in blue, green, red and yellow, with more colours to follow. We have now invested over £100K in dying systems, ensuring that we respond to customer demand and continue to provide the most comprehensive PBF production capabilities in the UK and further afield.”

The Dyemansion DM60 machine completely automates what has until recently been a manual, uncontrollable colouring process for 3D printed parts. The dyes used penetrate to a depth of 200 microns, and the process is totally reproducible, traceable, and works for every part geometry. Constant R&D at 3DPRINTUK is focussed on increasing the numbers of colours available, having been fully tested at the company’s London facility.

Initially the new colour options will only be available via 3DPRINTUK’s economy service, but will be extended to express delivery later in the year.

Automation Update