Robust, high-quality ABS Power Supply Cases from BCL Enclosures in 13A Plug-In and In-Line Styles includes flame-retardant ABS models

UK-manufactured for fast delivery, wide model range and options

September 2020 – Power supply cases from BCL Enclosures, the specialist UK manufacturer of standard and custom plastic enclosures, are robust, high-quality products available in a variety of models to suit multiple applications.  Two different series are available, the PS5 range of battery-eliminator style cases and the PS2 range of in line power supply cases. Manufactured in the UK, these moulded cases can be supplied on fast lead times.

The PS5 Series consists of six different models moulded in black or white ABS, with a choice of either plastic or brass earth pins.  The two halves are held together by two self-tapping screws which are accessed from the 13A pin side of the case.  Solder spills are provided for direct connection to a transformer.  Overall dimensions are 79mm high by 50mm wide and 53mm deep, excluding the pins.  Model PS5 in black and PS5W in white have plastic earth pins.  A flame-retardant version, model PS5WFR in white is also available.  Three models with metal earth pins are also available, in either black (PS5MEP) or white (PS5MEPW).  The flame-retardant ABS version, PS5MEPFR, comes in black only.

The PS2 range of in-line power supply cases is moulded in ABS and has an attractive rugged appearance.   Designed to house EI54, S35 or S147-size transformers, the cases also offer space for ancillary components.  For a neat appearance, the top and base of these cases are held together securely by four self-tapping screws in recessed holes designed to accept standard 9mm self-adhesive feet.  In black (PS2) or white (PS2W), there is also a model manufactured from flame-retardant ABS (PS2FR).  Dimensions of the PS2 cases are 117mm base length (112mm top length) by 62mm high by 63mm deep.

As a UK manufacturer, BCL Enclosures offers an efficient alternative to sourcing products from overseas, providing certainty of supply and avoiding currency fluctuations.

About BCL Enclosures

BCL Enclosures is a UK manufacturer of standard and custom plastic enclosures moulded in ABS, polycarbonate and other plastic materials designed to provide functional and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of applications across multiple markets.  Unusual or challenging product housing requirements are a specialism as are fast turnaround and flexible order quantities from single boxes to high volume production. Founded in 1972, BCL Enclosures has sold over 25 million enclosures to date by providing expertise, excellent customer support and service from initial enquiry through to supply and beyond.

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