New business launches providing businesses with bespoke safety, engineering, and quality management solutions.

New business A3C Management launches providing companies with outsourced safety, quality and engineering management solutions.

Based in Dorset, A3C Management has extensive experience across a variety of sectors including nuclear, construction, military, aviation, shipping, local government and education sectors.  A3C Management enables businesses to become safer, more resilient and reliable  because they understand the challenges businesses face when trying to create a safer, more efficient and cost-effective environment.

Director and Founder, Simon Jubb said: “We pride ourselves on providing solutions that integrate into your business. Our core values are integrity, honesty and transparency in everything we do.  If a process is not right, we will say so and together we will work to create a better, more logical and efficient system for you.”

Simon himself has more than 30 years’ experience in health, safety, engineering and quality management and wanted to create a truly collaborative approach with A3C Management. He said: “What makes us different is that we don’t want to create something bespoke for your company that will then require a lot of tweaking and cost to maintain.  We want to give your company something you can use and run, without the constant need for upgrades. Therefore, a key part of any work we do is to consult with your employees – they are after all the hub of your company.”

One of the key areas for businesses, at the moment, is ensuring their health and safety practices are in-line with the ‘new normal’ of Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.  A3C Management can help businesses navigate the myriad of guidelines and create a tailor-made workable, practical and useful solution.

Simon said: “While some elements are really straight-forward the tricky bit, as with all safety legislation, is in the application of its requirements and intention to your business, not to mention making it compatible with your existing plans. It’s about empowering your employees to feel confident in the understanding and practical application of these new considerations.”

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