Atlas Copco introduces SMARTCLAMP performance monitoring solution for compressors under 30 kW

Atlas Copco has launched SMARTCLAMP, a solution for compressor and vacuum pump performance monitoring where no built-in controller is fitted. The easy-to-install SMARTCLAMP gathers valuable insights on the running hours and service status of equipment rated up to 30 kW.

Paul Clark, Business Line Manager of  Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Service Sales & Marketing commented: “With SMARTCLAMP, no extra energy source is needed for operation, as it  is simply attached to the incoming power cord to harvest energy from the machine while it is running.

SMARTCLAMP has been developed to operate with specific types of equipment that feature an electrical cubicle and nominal power ratings of 2-30 kW but operate without a controller. The SMARTCLAMP function is particularly suited to small to medium compressed air users, such as garages and workshops.

Supported machine types include fixed-speed compressors – to monitor running hours and loaded hours – and for monitoring the running hours of VSD compressors, as well as dryers and vacuum pumps.

Installation and commissioning is a quick and easy procedure. It comprises the simple steps of checking the machine power of the installation and the suitable SMARTCLAMP configuration for the equipment. This is followed by adjusting the clamp-on unit’s rotary switch to match the right value, scanning the QR code, then simply clamping to the incoming power cord.

An in-built permanent SIM chip allows remote performance data monitoring via 3G smartphone connection to the equipment installation. This enables the SMARTCLAMP to upload the running hours from the compressor/dryer/pump at specified intervals. This data can then be used to identify when the next service is imminent. Furthermore, the option of signing up to a monthly report revealing the total running hours over a given period helps to highlight which type of regular service best suits individual operators’ needs.

SMARTCLAMP is the latest addition to Atlas Copco’s suite of SMARTLINK data monitoring and remote connectivity solutions that include SMARTLINK Service, Uptime or Energy program software, the SMARTBOX compressor monitoring internet modem, and the SMARTLINK SPM which allows users to analyse the condition of main rotating components, compensate for speed variation and maximise operational life.

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