Silicon Labs Strengthens Industry’s Leading Bluetooth Portfolio, Delivering Unmatched Performance & Flexibility for IoT Devices

— Only Silicon Labs Offers Full Range of Best-in-Class Power, Size and Security Solutions for Bluetooth Low Energy with Superior RF Performance —

AUSTIN, Texas – Sep. 9, 2020 Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB), a leading provider of silicon, software and solutions for a smarter, more connected world, is expanding its portfolio of industry-leading RF performance Bluetooth® Low Energy solutions for IoT developers. The company is uniquely positioned to deliver performance, flexibility and package choice for Bluetooth 5.2, including system-on-chip (SoC), system-in-package (SiP), modules and Network Co-Processor (NCP). Silicon Labs IoT solutions feature best-in-class performance and cutting-edge security, and are optimized for power efficiency, cost, size and turnkey simplicity.

Silicon Labs expanded its Bluetooth Low Energy portfolio today with the launch of the BGM220S. At just 6×6 mm, the BGM220S is one of the world’s smallest Bluetooth SiPs. It provides an ultra-compact, low-cost, long battery life SiP module that adds turnkey Bluetooth connectivity to extremely small products. Also launching is the BGM220P, a slightly larger PCB variant optimized for wireless performance along with a better link budget for greater range. BGM220S and BGM220P are among the first Bluetooth modules to support Bluetooth Direction Finding, all while delivering up to ten-year battery life from a single coin cell.

“Our Bluetooth Low Energy product portfolio showcases Silicon Labs’ unique ability to deliver a complete range of wireless solutions with best-in-class performance, power, size and security features,” said Matt Johnson, senior vice president of IoT at Silicon Labs. “Over the years, Silicon Labs has established a proven track record of success across a wide range of IoT wireless areas including Mesh, Multiprotocol, Proprietary, Thread, Zigbee and Z-Wave, to name a few.  We are now focusing our wireless expertise to also establish leadership in the Bluetooth Low Energy space and we have seen excellent market reception for our Secure Bluetooth 5.2 SoCs. The BG22, launched in January, is experiencing among the highest levels of product adoption and opportunity pipeline growth we have ever seen, with a wide range of applications in consumer, medical and smart home products.”

According to Bluetooth SIG’s 2020 Bluetooth Market Update, Bluetooth Low Energy continues to be the fastest growing Bluetooth radio with a 26% CAGR.

Industry-Leading High Performance with Cutting-Edge Security

Silicon Labs offers the industry’s highest-performance, most secure Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs and modules. SoCs are ideal for IoT device makers needing ultimate flexibility in their IoT device development, with highly customizable software and RF design options. SiP modules are ideal for device makers needing the smallest form factor pre-certified Bluetooth Low Energy with little to no RF design or engineering required, while PCB modules offer many of the benefits of SiP modules, but at a lower cost.

Silicon Labs’ silicon and module solutions also support multiprotocol connectivity for the most demanding applications including gateways, hubs and smart lighting. Silicon Labs has been a leader in wireless mesh networking for decades, and the company is infusing its high-performance Bluetooth Low Energy line with a new suite of state-of-the-art security features dubbed Secure Vault. Secure Vault is the most advanced suite of hardware and software security protections available today for IoT devices and makes it easier for device manufacturers to protect their brand, product designs and consumer data.

Last week, Silicon Labs’ new EFR32MG21B multiprotocol wireless SoCs with Secure Vault earned Arm PSA Level 2 certification, which is based on a comprehensive assurance framework that helps IoT security standardization and removes security as a barrier to time-to-market. The EFR32MG21B is the first radio to attain the Arm PSA Level 2 Certification.

In August, the EFR32xG22 Wireless Gecko Series 2 development kit earned ioXt SmartCert security certification through the ioXt Alliance. As an alliance focused on advancing security in IoT, the ioXt Alliance Certification Program evaluates a device against eight ioXt pledge principles and only devices that meet or exceed the appropriate level of security receive the ioXt SmartCert.

Silicon Labs’ high-performance Bluetooth Low Energy products include EFR32BG21A SoCs and BGM210PA modules with Secure Element. New EFR32BG21B SoCs featuring Secure Vault are orderable, and availability of BGM210PB modules featuring Secure Vault is expected later this year.

Optimized for Power-Efficiency and Cost

Silicon Labs also offers a range of optimized Bluetooth Low Energy solutions featuring low cost, low power and memory efficiency with strong RF performance as well as security features that include Secure Boot with Root of Trust and Secure Loader. Silicon Labs’ optimized Bluetooth Low Energy solutions are ideal for applications including battery-powered end nodes like wireless sensors, actuators, portable medical and asset tags. The BGM220 module released today is a prime example, being ultra-compact, low-cost and offering five- to ten-year battery life on a single coin cell while easily adding turnkey pre-certification including regulatory certifications for CE and FCC, but also Bluetooth qualifications enabling the most rapid time to market.

Silicon Labs’ optimized Bluetooth Low Energy products include the award-winning EFR32BG22 SoCs and the new BGM220P/S modules, currently available for purchase.

Network Co-Processors for Turnkey Bluetooth Low Energy, Fastest Time-to-Market

Silicon Labs NCPs are ideal for IoT device makers prioritizing time-to-market by virtually eliminating engineering and development cycles. Silicon Labs NCPs enable device makers to easily add turnkey security with pre-certified Bluetooth functionality to their existing microcontroller units (MCUs), with embedded security features including Root of Trust.

Silicon Labs is expanding its NCP portfolio with new Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 pre-certified PCB and SiP modules. Launching by the end of September, BGX220 UART to Bluetooth Low Energy bridge modules are expected to offer the fastest path to deliver secure, Bluetooth Low Energy connected products to market. Like the BGM220, the Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 simplifies design by giving customers a certified hardware platform that also streamlines code development by implementing the stack up to a simple API that can be used with an external microcontroller.

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