Monroe® Intelligent Suspension Technology Featured on New Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Vehicle

Lake Forest, Illinois – Owners of Volkswagen’s new ID.3 electric vehicle can benefit from a variety of innovative technologies, including an advanced semi-active suspension from DRiV that senses and adapts to changing road conditions for a more controlled and comfortable ride. DRiV™ is a Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) division and leading global provider of aftermarket and OE ride performance products and services.

The ID.3 model can be equipped with a Continuously Variable Semi-Active suspension with external valve (CVSAe), one of several electronic suspension technologies available through DRiV’s Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio. The system senses and continuously adapts to changing road and driving conditions via four electronically controlled dampers. An electronic control unit (ECU) processes various sensor inputs and controls the electronic valve on each damper. The driver can select a preferred driving mode, either Comfort or Sport, to experience the desired ride and handling characteristics.

“The ID.3 is engineered to give drivers a very personalized and enjoyable ride,” said Henrik Johansson, vice president and general manager, Advanced Suspension Technology, DRiV. “We are excited to bring these benefits as an option to the owners of this appealing new vehicle from Volkswagen.”

The ID.3 is the first vehicle built on Volkswagen’s new modular all-electric platform. Designed to be both efficient and affordable, it offers a connected driver experience in a compact package that includes voice-activated controls, an “augmented reality” display projected onto the windshield, wireless device charging and extra interior space.

CVSAe suspension technology from DRiV is featured in more than 40 popular vehicle models. To learn more, visit

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