Optical metrology leader Zygo Corporation (a business unit of Ametek, Inc.) announces a new podcast series “Metrology Matters” to address timely and relevant topics related to precision surface metrology.

The podcast series which is available on Spotify and Apple Music, will feature independent thought leaders from both academia and industry, and aims to address a variety of topics highlighting the role of surface metrology today, and in the future. The sharing of knowledge acquired through experience helps educate newcomers to the field, as well as enhancing the expertise of even veteran metrologists.

The first episode in the series is entitled “What is Metrology, and Why Does it Matter?”

and can be accessed here. It discusses essential metrology issues with Jack Clark, Senior Principal Scientist at Woodward Inc., and Dr. Chris Evans, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Center for Precision Metrology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

In the podcast, Clark and Evans agree that a real understanding of metrology is essential to the design and manufacture of products across all industry sectors, yet that it may be overlooked by educators who underestimate its importance.

ZYGO has a 50-year heritage in the precision metrology sector. From its inception, the company has sought to address challenging problems faced by industry, led by motivated employees driving new innovative solutions from concept to product introduction. Over 750 issued patents have been issued to ZYGO scientists and engineers who are actively engaged in professional societies, standards committees, university collaborations, and professional publication activities.

Having served the demand for precise metrology solutions across the industry with quality, market-leading optical metrology tools since the 1970s, ZYGO is well-positioned to curate this series of highly informative podcasts drawing upon the experience and knowledge of highly respected independent experts from throughout industry that exist within its extensive network of manufacturing professionals.


ZYGO has elevated the status of metrology to a disruptive, enabling technology, and is a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments with a key focus on the automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics, medical, and research sectors. ZYGO’s metrology solutions measure using light, and it offers two key product types, 3D optical profilers, and laser interferometers. Optical metrology has become the “go to” metrology solution, benefitting from that fact that it is non-contact, non-destructive, fast, highly sensitive, and has exceptional resolution and precision.

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