MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear units – Powerful drive for powerful conveyor belts

The two-stage MAXXDRIVE® XT right-angle gear units from NORD are ideally suitable for belt conveyor systems in heavy-duty applications for the bulk material handling industry. They are available in seven sizes for powers from 50 to 1,500 kW with output torques between 15 and 75 kNm.

MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear units from NORD have a high thermal load capacity without external cooling. They keep conveyor systems running even under the harshest conditions and ensure a smooth material flow. Thanks to a strong ribbed design, optimised axial fans and air guide covers, additional cooling is not required. Large roller bearings and centre distances increase the load capacity and service life of the components. The latest MAXXDRIVE® XT generation supplements the MAXXDRIVE series by an application-optimised two-stage right-angle gear unit that is especially suitable for belt conveyor systems and can be individually tailored to the particular application. The power and speed range was designed for industries where low speed ratios are required in combination with high powers. This is the case, for example, for solutions in the bulk material and mineral industry. There, especially robust solutions are required which are resistant to dirt and are reliable in rough operating conditions. For such applications, special sealing concepts which require as little maintenance as possible are necessary. Furthermore, the drive systems should also manage without external cooling.

Modular system for efficient conveyor belts

The matched modular system for NORD drive systems is based on a comprehensive range of frequency inverters, motors and gear units, as well as coupling and braking systems – each with a wide variety of options and features. Whether in belt conveyor systems, mixers, mills, sorting drums or crushers, MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units from NORD RIVESYSTEMS achieve high output torques and have been proving themselves in heavy-duty applications for more than ten years. In general, NORD produces geared motors for horizontal and vertical conveyor systems in a one-piece housing design that tolerates extremely high transverse forces and torque loads. This also applies to very powerful industrial gear units up to 250,000 Nm which are required where conveyor inclines are very steep and where high material quantities need to be transported. A shaft axis offset allows for a very compact design and the use of larger roller bearings that ensure a longer bearing life.

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