Bounce back with VERICUT

CGTech, the developer of VERICUT CNC simulation, verification and optimization software, has announced new financing options to help manufacturing businesses get back up and running during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In the current climate budgets are tighter than ever before, customers are demanding more for less and so investing in new software may not be top of the agenda.  In an effort to help machine shops get back up and running quickly and efficiently CGTech has launched a new WorkSmart finance scheme, which can will allow businesses to install VERICUT for an affordable monthly cost.

VERICUT simulates all types of CNC machining and operates independently, but can also be integrated with all leading CAM systems. The software eliminates manual prove-outs, ensures machining is collision free and increases machine capacity. The latest release, VERICUT 9.1, truly raises the bar for CNC simulation with several new cutting-edge features that increase efficiency and empower users to do more in less time.

The WorkSmart finance scheme is available to new and existing customers interested in adding optimization capabilities to their VERICUT package. VERICUT Force optimizes feed rates and cutting conditions to deliver faster NC programs, with cycle time reductions of 15% – 25% or more, longer tool life and better part quality.

Tony Shrewsbury, CGTech LTD Managing Director comments “As well as instantly boosting productivity and improving efficiency, machine shops can avoid a large initial outlay by spreading the cost of VERICUT across low, manageable fixed monthly payments. This will enable them to retain much needed cash.” With various options available, the terms of the scheme can be adjusted to suit all budgeting needs. “Customers will also benefit from tax savings as repayments are 100% tax deductible unlike traditional capital expenditure.” Concludes Shrewsbury.

For more information on VERICUT and financing options contact CGTech: [email protected] or 01273 773538.

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