Members of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association (UKGSA) are prioritising manufacturing and supply for the NHS and key industries during coronavirus.

Kewell Converters are designing and manufacturing foam pads, liners and head bands for PPE. Their PPE face shield visors use Plastazote (closed cell) foam parts which are latex-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Munsch & Co’s new range of Anti-Bac and Anti-Micro PVC, which are tested against various viruses including MRSA, E-Coli and SARS, prevent growth of bacteria and are ideal materials for use in surgeries, laboratories and food processing areas.

Silicone rubber components for face shields such as head straps and forehead cushioning, silicone gaskets for key medical devices such as ventilators, and porthole covers for intubation shields are being manufactured by Silicone Engineering for NHS hospitals and medical companies across the UK.

East Anglian Sealing Company continue to supply essential industries with respirator valves, screens and partitions, visor parts, gaskets and seals for ventilator pumps and medical grade tubing for drip feeds.  They have also been able to produce up to 32,000 units/day of glass clear polypropylene face shields, but have recently switched to supplying products into various drug manufacturers making COVID-19 medications.

J A Harrison are supplying CE approved PPE Cat II lightweight reusable face visors to the NHS and other industries. These visors cover the head & face and a version also fits over a hard hat.

James Walker continues to operate its manufacturing sites across the UK prioritising the design and manufacture of components for ventilators and oxygen equipment. They are supporting businesses who are manufacturing these critical items by supplying sealing solutions including O rings, diaphragms, gaskets and custom designed seals.

James Walker has also supplied visors for local care homes and stores; and staff have distributed care packages to local families and people isolating at home.

W R Gaskets have cut free issue material into sets of scrubs for their local hospitals in Grimsby.

J-Flex have donated hundreds of face masks to two local organisations. They have fulfilled new and repeat orders from a number of companies for thousands of face shield silicone head straps, and have seen an increase in demand for silicone rubber sheeting for medical, pharmaceutical and food production related projects.

Simon Winfield, chairman of the UKGSA and director of MacLellan Rubber Limited, said: “I’m delighted to see our Members rise to the challenge of supporting the NHS and key industries at this time. Many Members have changed shift patterns in order to retain staff rather than furlough them or are supporting sales & office teams to work from home. By pulling together, all businesses can do their bit to help the healthcare sector get through this.”