Need a cold water meter for utility use?

We supply the Honeywell Concentric V210 water meter which are most commonly used in secondary metering by utility companies in boundary boxes. This water meter is WRAS approved and also has MID approval, allowing them to be used on most Cold-Water applications with safety and accuracy covered. For remote data collection from the V210 Meters you can use either a PR6 Pulse Transmitter or a PR6M M-Bus Transmitter.

Rather than using an in-line style of fitting, the V210 Meters have a Screwed Manifold Connection.
There are three models within the V210 range, the smallest flow capacity is the V210P with a polymer body and can handle flow rates up to 2.5m3/hr with a 1.5″ connection. The next two models have brass bodies and can handle up to 4m3/hr (1.5″ Connection) and 6.3m3/hr (2″ Connection) respectively.

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