The CB12245AJ is a battery charging and testing unit with CANbus J1939 protocol.

Adel’s battery care philosophy is standard in all their battery chargers to optimise the battery life. All battery chargers are housed in aluminium enclosures for DIN rail mounting. THE CB range has an automatic battery charging routine. Once the batteries have been charged, the CB series runs through a list of end of charge tests and continues to operate a periodic supervisory tests to ensure the battery is in the best charging state when required to take the load.The CB12245AJ is designed using the latest generation of microcontrollers and over 50 parameters regarding status of the battery can be read via the CANbus J1939 protocol.

Adel System battery chargers have four charging stages and provide an accurate battery diagnosis.

  • CANbus Connection J1939 covers more than 50 parameters
  • Wide input voltage range: 115-230-277 Vac
  • One single device for 12-or 24-VDC-Output
  • One device for all battery types: Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion
  • Multistage Charging. Four Charging Modes: Recovery, Boost, Absorption, Float
  • Adjustable charging current
  • Selectable Fast-Charge option
  • Testing Battery: Reverse Polarity, Disconnected Battery, Short Circuit, Opened Element, Close-to-Zero Battery
  • Power Supply Function
  • Fail Contact Alarm
  • LED Diagnosis Alarm
  • Suitable for DPY351

    Charge & Testing

    Remote Controller: CANbus J1939 allows the remote monitoring of more than 50 parameters regarding battery charging and charger status.

    Battery Charger: Multistage battery charger that works on all battery types. Recovery, boost, absorption and float. Recharge batteries that are close to zero. Customisable charging curves.

    Battery Tester: Battery care is our main philosophy. The battery chargers monitor reverse polarity, battery connection, short circuit, overload and charge current limit.