In line, fully automatic system is capable of rotating trays for top sealing and many other applications from narrow edge leading to long edge leading


Leading manufacturer of high performance food packaging automation including convergers, seal testers and stackers, Jenton Ariana (; tel:01256 892194) – part of the Jenton Group of companies – has developed a high speed in line pack turning system. Designed for orientating trays used in top sealing applications, this equipment is set to increase production capacity by up to some 150%, allowing more trays to fit within a single cycle of the top sealer.


Jenton Ariana’s new fully automatic pack turning system is capable of rotating trays from narrow edge leading to long edge leading at speeds up to 85 per minute. It can be easily adjusted for a range of pack sizes, is fully automatic and has no change parts. It can handle trays up to 600mm in length and a straight through option is also available.


Driven by high performance stepper motors, the packs can be turned at the highest possible speeds whilst still controlling the inertia and hence minimising product movement within the tray. Unlike conventional friction based turners, the new Jenton Ariana high speed pack turner provides extremely accurate 90 degree turns and also minimises the possibility of the pack reorienting itself.


Jenton Ariana has been designing and manufacturing food packaging equipment since the 1980s. Innovative design combined with reliable and elegantly simple function has led to the development of a wide range of advanced convergers, seal testers, conveyor control systems and pad placers.


The company offers bespoke design capabilities whilst existing machines can be fully refurbished and brought up to the latest technical specifications.


At its Whitchurch-based facility, Jenton Group offers a full workshop for equipment repair and maintains an extensive stock of spares in addition to having a number of service engineers available for on-site repairs and maintenance.