Walter has announced two new entry-level machines for re-sharpening and manufacturing a wide range of carbide, PCD and HSS tooling in the most cost-effective way. The new Helitronic Raptor is targeted at carbide and HSS tooling up to 320 mm diameter and up to 280 mm long (including end face operations), while the ‘two-in-one’ eroding/grinding Helitronic Raptor Diamond is designed for PCD tools up to 400 mm diameter and 270 mm long (also end face operations).Available from Walter Ewag UK, a member of the United Grinding Group, both machines are offered at attractive prices. And users can ‘upgrade’ the standard models with optional extras to suit their needs and budgets. Both machines can be configured with, for instance, a Top Loader (which accommodates up to 500 tools), glass scales, torque drive on the A axis, wheel probe and manual support steady rest.

Targeted at the manufacturing of rotationally symmetrical tools, the 11.5 kW spindle Helitronic Raptor maintains Walter’s renowned build principles based on the use of a low-vibration, solid grey cast iron gantry-type construction. It features the powerful yet user-friendly Helitronic Tool Studio 3 software with integrated Wizard technology for ease of use. This has a host of routines for ‘what you see you can grind’ fast tool production simulation, parameter changes and operation – the design and programming of complex tool geometries, including individual tooth geometries and tool parameter scaling, as well as fast 3-D live simulation routines. Also included is functionality for:

[] Cut-off operations – compensating for worn wheels;

[] Probing and alignment of asymmetrical flats – more functionality to define probing points/probe the exact position for perfect alignment; and

[] Automatic collision control.

In addition, Helitronic Tool Studio’s software options embrace, for example:

[] In-process wheel measurement inside the machine;

[] Core compensation for drills – core parameter and tolerance band;

[] Automatic machine axis referencing – using setting disc with electrical isolator; and

[] Thread milling cutters – diameter/flank grinding and OD grinding.

Based on similar build principles, the ‘two-in-one’ Helitronic Raptor Diamond, which uses an HSK interface for electrode/grinding wheel mounting, also features an 11.5 kW spindle and its Helitronic Tool Studio software embraces integrated erosion functionality for the fast and easy programming of ‘what you see you can grind and erode’.

The machine also boasts Fine Pulse Technology, a Walter innovation that sets new standards in terms of PCD tool surface and cutting edge quality, as well as process reliability and speed of erosion. Fine Pulse Technology is the result of progressive improvements to the machines’ generator as well as the erosion software.

With Fine Pulse Technology, there are marked differences to PCD tools of standard grain type that have been eroded by other machines. Indeed, the differences can be seen with the naked eye – the surface finish is like that of a polished (ground) tool and even coarse-grained PCD types can be fine-finished with perfect surface qualities. This means that subsequent steps in production can be eliminated because no polishing is required.

With such super-fine finishes, PCD tool providers can now achieve superb levels of tool surface quality and cutting edge within similar processing times as before but, with the Helitronic Raptor Diamond, at very cost-effective rates.

Helitronic Raptor Diamond