TLM Showcase Multiple Laser Technologies At MACH 2020

MACH is one of the UK’s premier events for promoting engineering based manufacturing technologies. This year, TLM Laser will use MACH as the venue to showcase a series of different laser technologies, ranging from welding, cutting, marking and cleaning, each of which is capable of delivering significant benefits to manufacturers across multiple sectors.As one of the UK’s leading laser technology suppliers, Bromsgrove based TLM Laser are UK and Ireland distributors for a comprehensive range of prestigious laser technology brands.

Systems being showcased this year will include an example of FOBA Laser’s M200 laser marking system with MOSAIC ™. This fixtureless marking concept uses through-the-lens vision, combined with a process of “tiling” the images of the part. The camera is used to capture multiple small images and then arranges them into a single large image, just like a mosaic.

This image is then used for system training, job setup, part validation, pre-mark verification and mark alignment. The natural straight-down view from inside the laser provides an imaging field as large as that of the laser marking area. The benefit of this configuration is that it eliminates the need for external cameras, which can sometimes cause inaccuracies due to perspective and optical distortion.

The benefits and flexibility offered by mobile laser welding systems, where the laser can be brought to the workpiece, or indeed the workpiece to the laser, can be seen in the example of an ALPHA Laser ALM250, which will be available to view on the TLM stand this year. This example from the range is ideally suited to a variety of applications, including mould tool repair where in many cases, it is not necessary to remove the mould.

The laser can be made ready for use in just minutes, with the laser arm quickly positioned and fixed in the desired working position via electro-hydraulic brakes. Welding can be performed manually with the joystick, semi-automatically, or via an external operating unit with a pulse function.

An example of a flat-bed laser cutting and marking system, from Universal Laser’s extensive range, and available in the UK and Ireland from TLM Laser, will also be present on the TLM stand. There are a wide range of different platforms available with a choice of CO2 or Fiber Lasers and a comprehensive array of options, including MultiWave Hybrid TechnologyTM, which allow users to configure the system to their specific requirements.

Making its debut on the TLM Laser stand this year is the FOBA Titus™ system. Titus™ is the World’s smallest and lightest fiber laser head and is set to be a game changer in laser marking applications. The new Titus™ Vector Scan laser marking head is just over 20 centimetres in length and weighs in at just 630 grams. Available as part of the new 20 Watt or 30 Watt FOBA fiber laser marking systems (Y.0200-xs / Y.0300-xs), this new and innovative system offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of line integration, usability and speed.

Lasers continue to find their way into a growing number of industrial applications, in many instances offering a highly efficient and more cost effective alternative to traditional technologies and processes, and this is certainly the case for laser cleaning. TLM Laser also represent 4JET within the UK and will be showcasing the hand held JETLASER surface processing system at MACH. Potential applications for this technology are wide and varied and include cleaning of moulds, tools, fixtures, paint and coating removal operations, plus pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding, gluing or coating applications.

(The hand held JETLASER system will be available to view on the TLM Laser stand)

TLM Laser can be located on stand number 6-763 and members of the TLM team will also be available to discuss the full range of laser systems and solutions available from the company between the 20th and 24th April at the NEC in Birmingham.