ALBALUX and QuickSwitch Success Stories Continue – Two Products Honoured by Laser Focus World 

LASER COMPONENTS continues to collect awards for its innovative ALBALUX and QuickSwitch products. US industry magazine Laser Focus World has honoured both with its prestigious Innovators Award. The accolade is awarded to products that stand out because of their originality, innovation, and impact on designers, systems integrators, or users, if the submission is likely to fulfil new market needs, leverages a novel technology, or increases productivity.

The ALBALUX was honoured with a gold-level award in the Laser and Sources category. This white light module was first introduced to the public at Photonics West 2019. Shortly thereafter, it earned the Vision Systems Design 2019 Innovators Award. It is considered the world’s first laser white light module providing bright and highly directional fibre optic output of more than 150 lumens. ALBALUX meets full flexibility in both standard and custom configuration requirements. It offers reliable high optical power, remote fibre-optic beam delivery, and safe drive electronics, all within a compact enclosure. Its award winning and prestigious LaserLight technology has received numerous industry accolades.

The QuickSwitch pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) have also received a silver-level award in the same category. This is the second acknowledgement for this product in 2019, previously winning a “Best of Sensors” Award this past summer. QuickSwitch is one of the fastest hybrid PLDs in the market, generating 200,000 laser pulses with a typical duration of 2.5ns within a single second. Depending upon the operating voltage, QuickSwitch delivers an optical peak power of up to 89 watts. LASER COMPONENTS achieved this outstanding performance using an optimised design that combines the 905nm laser diode, switch and capacitor inside the TO56 package.