Sensor City launch new initiative to help manufacturers achieve growth through sensor-based and IoT technologies

• New ‘Space to Innovate’ membership is designed to help manufacturers accelerate
growth and product prototyping
• New guide launched to provide businesses with the practical information they need
to get IoT ready
Sensor City, a global hub for the development of sensor technology and rapid prototyping, has
launched a new initiative to support manufacturers with challenges relating to IoT implementation.

According to the 2019 PWC Annual Manufacturing Report, 1 in 4 respondents have no digital plans,
while 26% have it on their radar but don’t know how to implement it. Sensor City’s initiative is aimed
at growing UK manufacturers and will support them to successfully design, develop, and implement
sensor based and IoT technologies across their products or operational infrastructure.

The new ‘Space to Innovate’ membership package provides manufacturing businesses access to
leading technical expertise and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, helping them improve internal
operations and create commercially viable IoT solutions for global markets.

The membership – which is primarily aimed at scale-up businesses – is available in three different
package options to suit the differing needs of manufacturers.

The available ‘Space to Innovate’ packages are:

• The Network package – for businesses that want to create a wider network of experts,
influencers, and collaborators.
• The Technical package – for businesses looking to progress their product development
process and rapid prototyping requirements by using Sensor City’s lab facilities as an
extension to their own engineering or Research and Development facilities.
• The 360° Growth Package – the maximum level for businesses to unlock growth, giving
them the opportunity to design a bespoke business development programme, lab access
and create sales opportunities.

You can find out more about the packages here.

The initiative also sees the launch of Sensor City’s new 2020 Guide to IoT Adoption, containing
expert advice for businesses looking to realise their IoT projects. The practical guide, created in
collaboration with industry and academic experts, gives businesses the advice, tips and guidance
they need to achieve growth through successful IoT adoption.

Sensor City’s 2020 Guide to IoT Adoption is free to download by clicking here.

Dr Joanne Phoenix, Interim Executive Director at Sensor City, said, “Digital technologies present
huge opportunities for manufacturers – particularly when it comes to igniting growth. Sensor and
IoT-based technologies have many benefits, whether being incorporated into products themselves
or integrated into an organisation’s operational delivery. However, as a leading hub specialising in
both technologies we know that manufacturers can often struggle with migration.

That’s why we’ve developed a new membership package which will provide businesses with the
support, guidance, and access to equipment they need to get IoT and sensor-based products off the
ground and into the market quickly. Further to this, we’ve also developed a free guide which tackles
the operational challenges of migrating to an IoT-based infrastructure. We hope the guide will give
manufacturers the practical advice they need to start on the right road to successful IoT integration.”

You can enquire about Sensor City’s Space to Innovate packages here.

Sensor City’s 2020 Guide to IoT Adoption is available to download here.

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