NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at BrauBeviale 2019

At BrauBeviale 2019, in Nuremberg from 12 to 14 November, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be presenting a
new synchronous motor that combines a significant improvement of energy efficiency with the nsd tupH
surface treatment. It is optimally suitable for the challenging environmental conditions and the stringent
hygiene requirements in beverage logistics and production. NORD also presents its standardised drive
concept for lauter tuns as well as the new NORDAC PRO SK 500P control cabinet inverter.

With its smooth surface and the nsd tupH surface treatment, the new energy-efficient IE5+ motor from
NORD is suitable for use in the beverage industry.

The energy-efficient latest generation permanent magnet synchronous motor has considerably lower losses
than the current IE4 series. The unventilated smooth motor achieves its high efficiency that, at times, is
significantly above efficiency class IE5 via a wide torque range – and is optimally suitable for the operation in
the partial load range. The compact IE5+ motor offers a high power density with less installation space and
will be initially launched in a size for power ranges from 0.25 to 1.1 kW with a continuous torque from 1.6 to
4.8 Nm. The motor concept will be gradually extended with more sizes and powers. It is ideal for use in
hygiene-sensitive and harsh environments because it is easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and wash-down
capable. The nsd tupH surface treatment and IP69K protection class are optionally available. The new IE5+
motor can be combined with NORD gear units and drive electronics as a modular system and will be
available from the second quarter of 2020.

Surface treatment under hygienic conditions

The nsd tupH surface treatment offered by NORD is an outstanding corrosion protection for gear units,
smooth surfaced motors, frequency inverters and motor starters in wash-down optimised cast aluminium
housings. The drives are easy to clean and largely resistant to acids and alkalis. It is even possible to use
high-pressure cleaners or apply aggressive media. The fanless smooth surfaced motors prevent the
spreading of germs and run very quietly. They are available as synchronous and asynchronous motors and
fulfil efficiency classes IE2, IE3, IE4 and now even IE5+.

Drive solutions for lauter tuns

For equipping lauter tuns, NORD has developed a standardised drive concept for the complete lauter tun
that also allows for customised modifications from the extensive NORD modular system. All drive units are
precisely designed for the relevant lauter tun. A single drive system with two geared motors performs the
entire lauter process up to emptying the tun. With a combination of a geared motor and an industrial gear
unit, torques of up to 282,000 Nm can be achieved for lauter tuns of up to 30 m3. A second geared motor
serves as the drive for the lifting equipment that operates with millimetre precision even under full load. Just
in time for this year’s BrauBeviale, NORD has also adapted the proven drive concept for microbreweries that
use tuns with volumes from 2 m3.

Optimum performance in the control cabinet

With the NORDAC PRO SK 500P, NORD launches a new generation of frequency inverters. It uses the
latest component technology and features ultimate levels of functionality, connectivity and modularity. In
addition to the CANopen interface as standard, the universal Ethernet interface enables the simple
adaptation to the most important Ethernet standards like Profinet, EtherCAT, Powerlink and EtherNet/IP via
parameter settings. The new NORDAC PRO is available as a fully featured application inverter (SK 530P
and SK 550P) and as a machine inverter (SK 500P) with a reduced number of interfaces that nevertheless
performs functionally demanding tasks via integrated PLC, closed-loop control and positioning. The SK 530P
also features an SD card slot, USB interface and the possibility of expansion via an optional SK CU5 module.
On the other hand, the SK 550P is the first choice for connection to control systems via Industrial Ethernet.
In addition to improved characteristics and performance features, the new inverter generation uses the
proven NORDAC parameter structure and is physically and functionally downward compatible.

For the equipment of lauter tuns, NORD developed a standardised drive concept for the complete lauter tun
that also allows for customised modifications.

In addition to improved characteristics and performance features, the new control cabinet inverters from
NORD offer a better TCO than the previous devices.

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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at BrauBeviale 2019

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At BrauBeviale, NORD will be presenting a hygienic and energy-efficient synchronous motor, control cabinet
inverters and drive concepts for lauter tuns. More information:

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