Novel strain measurement tool for structural health monitoring: Leine Linde ESR strain sensor available from Mclennan  

New from Leine Linde and available with full support from Mclennan, the ESR strain sensor is measurement concept that offers a novel alternative to conventional strain gauges through improved accuracy, signal quality and especially durability. Particularly suited to large-scale machine structural health tasks where load or force needs to be reliably monitored, the ESR utilises Leine Linde’s robust optical encoder technology coupled to a mechanical measuring arm arrangement which is fixed to the structure’s strain-prone components.With its integral EnDAT bi-directional digital interface, the ESR’s high resolution output of 0.025 μɛ (μm/m) can be connected to almost all available machine control systems and additionally can offer stored application-specific data that may be used for machine functions, for instance for safety or other operational tasks. Application areas for the ESR can include but are not restricted to structural monitoring on bridges, cranes and towers, wind turbine blades, large machine frames, construction equipment, bulk material conveying lines and more.

The strain sensor arm design features passive temperature compensation, and its stress-free measurement principle offers a practically unlimited operation life. Operational temperature can be designed for -40°C to +100°C and the measurement range covers ± 5 000 µɛ with a working range of ± 17 500 µɛ. The unit will fit into a volume envelope of approximately 340 x 80 x 85 mm (L x W x H). The ESR also boasts an impressive shock and vibration rating to ISO 60068-2-26, and its IP66 environmental rating offers trouble-free use in harsh environmental conditions.

For use as a temporary strain measurement tool or for permanent installation, the ESR’s measuring arm design and mechanical interface can be custom-adapted to the application with variant options and accessories available for adhesive, screw, or magnet installation. Other options include various measurement reports, quality control certifications or DAkkS calibration.

As Leine Linde’s UK distribution partner Mclennan supplies and fully supports the Danish manufacturer’s complete range of encoders, sensors, and system electronics for industrial applications. The Hampshire-based motion specialist also has distribution partnerships with other selected motion control equipment suppliers in combination with its own design and production capability where servo motor and/or stepper motor based integrated motion systems can be delivered complete with automation software, fieldbus interfacing, gear units, positioning mechanics and other power transmission components. Specific information on the Leine Linde ESR strain sensor is available from Mclennan: visit, email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1252 531444.

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