Delta Presents Innovation & Smart Automation for Industrial Upgrades at SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2018

Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, unveiled today at SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2018 its innovative, smart automation products and solutions for advanced equipment and process automation. With the theme of “Innovation & Smart Automation for Industrial Upgrades”, Delta’s industrial solutions focus on a high-end PC-based motion controller, PLC-based EtherCAT motion controller, and motion systems for woodworking and packaging machines. In terms of process automation, Delta is presenting a highly reliable, energy-saving, and automated water treatment solution based on its success stories in Europe and Asia. For high-end smart equipment and production monitoring, Delta’s new Human Machine Interface (HMI) DOP-100 Series is featured in an interactive live streaming car racing demo. This demo integrates seven DOP-100 Series HMIs, smart sensors, IP / analog cameras and linear motors for customers to experience the DOP-100’s state-of-the-art multimedia functions through car racing games and live streaming on-site.Mr. Andy Liu, general manager of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group, indicated that global manufacturers of all industries have started to apply smart manufacturing solutions to enhance their competitiveness in recent years. In response, world-class automation companies are focusing on industry-specific equipment and solutions with in-depth industrial know-how, high-end products and software. “Delta, with over twenty years’ of experience in the automation field and strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, adheres to providing smart, flexible, and the most suitable automation solutions for different industries,” said Mr. Liu. In 2013, Delta successfully applied its water treatment solution to the Komotini Water Plant in Greece and helped to build a highly automated, high quality water processing and treatment system. This experience helped Delta achieve another success story by providing a wastewater treatment solution for a well-known Taiwanese textile company’s factory in China. Delta is also launching more automation products and solutions for different industries such as packaging, food processing, and woodworking in the EMEA regions based on its abundant field experience in Taiwan and China.

Delta’s highlighted solutions for industrial upgrades include:

 Machining Center Solution for Woodworking: adopts the PC-Based Panel Controller MP1 Series as core controller. The MP1 Series’ built-in gantry control function allows up to six axes control, and performs precise gantry control and motion for processing when matched with four sets of AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2-E Series and motors. This solution also applies the Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series for variable frequency control of the spindle axis to execute stable, high-speed milling, drilling, edging and more. All the key components support EtherCAT communication to construct a high precision machining system for woodworking.

Packaging Solution: features the EtherCAT Motion Controller AH10EMC as host controller with integrated motion and control functions to:
– Synchronously control up to 32 axes of motion drives, induction and spindle motors, and remote I/O modules via EtherCAT for material feeding, packaging, sealing & cutting, and product outlet.
– Connect and control sensors, temperature controllers and other peripheral devices via EtherNet/IP to ensure smooth operation of material feeding/outlet, suitable operating temperature and others.
– Collect operation data and transmit to a management platform for real-time monitoring via EtherNet/IP.

 Water Treatment Solution: provides stable, reliable integrated automation systems for water treatment processes, including: water inflow, sedimentation, filtering, and water outlet. Delta’s solution covers: the DIAView SCADA system and Industrial Panel PC IPC Series for real-time water treatment station / equipment monitoring & management; the Hot-swappable Mid-range PLC AH500 Series and Industrial Ethernet Switch DVS Series for field control and communication network among stations; the IP55 Pump & Fan Drive CFP2000 Series for variable frequency control of fan and pump operation speed; the HMI DOP-100 Series for on-site parameter settings and monitoring.

Delta’s water treatment solutions have been applied to:

– The Komotini Water Plant in Greece in 2013, providing automated water processing systems to achieve a stable, high quality water supply for 70,000 local residents.
– The wastewater treatment facilities of a Taiwanese textile company’s plants in China. As one of the worlds’ top five textile companies, this customer adopted Delta’s water treatment solution to process 6,000~10,000 tons of wastewater for textile processing and production in its China plant, and implemented remote monitoring via the DIAView SCADA system.

 Car-racing with HMI Live Streaming demo: based on the concepts of smart production lines, this demo was built for real applications and fun. It highlights Delta’s latest advanced 12”/15” DOP-100 Series HMIs, which feature multimedia functions, multi-language input, and Ethernet communication. Equipped with the Cortex A8 high-performance microprocessor and high-brightness, high-resolution LCD display, the DOP-100 HMIs are suitable for highly integrated, flexible production processes, and equipment control and monitoring.

This demo applies three DOP-100 Series HMIs for participants to operate and control the progress of three race cars by answering questions in Q&A games. Each car carries a prize that a participant wins when arriving at the finish line. The DOP-100s also control the IP and analog cameras installed above the race lanes to monitor and record key moments of the race when triggered by smart sensors for playback. The overall race is monitored for live streaming on the introduction stand with the other four DOP-100 Series.
Please come and join Delta to find out more about our “Innovation & Smart Automation for Industrial Upgrades” at the SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2018 exhibition, Booth 218, Hall 3, from November 27th to 29th in Germany!

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