Providing unmatched opportunities for commissioning, service and maintenance are among the key benefits associated with the extensive range of PROGRAMMABLE ENCODERS from sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER LTD. This impressive range of encoders is probably unrivalled in its breadth of choice encompassing; incremental, absolute, industrial and heavy-duty, representing a choice of 33 product options.  

This impressive range of rotary, angle sensors and industrial encoders provides the key benefits of precise position with fast feedback across a diverse range of applications. These include; asynchronous motors in drive technology, general mechanical and plant engineering, packaging systems, textile and printing machinery, steel and rolling mills, lifts and elevators, labelling solutions, port and crane installations and wind turbines.

A good example is the versatile OptoPulse® EIL580P, one of the programmable encoders in the range providing the key benefits of reduced inventory cost, shorter delivery times plus other important user-configurable parameters. These include; any pulse number from 1 to 65536, pulse sequence, output level of HTL or TTL, set function for user-configurable reference signal and reference signal width of 90º or 180º.

This universal encoder is designed for optimum flexibility and precision combined with outstanding durability, withstanding operating temperatures ranging from -40ºC up to +100ºC and protection in applications rated up to IP67.

In common with the other options, OptoPulse provides users with new possibilities of commissioning, service and maintenance and quick integration into a wide range of applications, either intuitively by PC, tablet or smartphone.

Other benefits include; reduced variation and inventory cost because as a system integrator, maintenance technician or wholesaler, the encoder enables you to solve a large number of applications with just a few mechanical variants – thanks to maximised configuration flexibility.

The requirements of today’s control systems demand quick and easy integration of components which is why these encoders are quick and easy to handle and ready for operation. Thanks to a compact hand-held programming tool, encoder configuration can be completed in seconds, even if the encoder is already integrated in the system. Also, as a result of intuitive Baumer programming solutions, operators with very different levels of experience and know-how will be immediately ready to start.

The convenient PC software is ideal for applications which require several encoders to be programmed in-line, enabling users to simply select the desired configuration profile via simple mouse clicks. Quick re-tooling and adjustment is possible thanks to R-Set, a feature of the OptoPulse EIL580P Series encoders with M23 flange connectors. This user-configurable reference signal, R-Set helps to ensure minimised downtime and will automatically set the reference signal (zero pulse) at the current shaft position. It is run directly by motor or control system upon voltage application at PIN 7.

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