Graphene connects the biomedical industry

The Graphene Flagship and the Medical Association of Barcelona (COMB), in collaboration with Graphene Flagship partner the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), will host Graphene Connect & Health Investment Forum. Held on November 6, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, the event will bring together experts in graphene, investors and business leaders from the healthcare and medical communities, bridging valuable connections between academia and industry.


Graphene Connect & Health Investment Forum will be held at the Barcelona Medical Association from 9:00am to 5:30pm. The event is co-organised by the Graphene Flagship, the largest EU research initiative in history, with over €1 billion assigned in funding by the European Commission.


With the goal of improving EU citizen’s quality of life and create economic growth using graphene technology, the Graphene Flagship regularly organises workshops and forums to create awareness.


“This edition of Graphene Connect will focus on medical and diagnostic technologies, providing an insight into the opportunities and challenges that graphene innovations have to offer. Moreover, the event will give visibility to the most advanced technologies in the field, developed both by the Graphene Flagship and start-up companies,” explained Cinzia Spinato, Business Developer for Biomedical Technologies at ICN2 and the Graphene Flagship. “We want to demystify the path disruptive medical technologies need to undertake to reach end-users, from their beginnings in research laboratories, to their final stages in the commercial market.”


Graphene Connect represents the line of workshops regularly organised by the Graphene Flagship. These events create a space for collaboration in graphene research and introduce industry to the latest technologies. Fostering interest from industry and key stakeholders is an important aspect of the initiative’s mission, making their events welcoming to businesses and universities alike.


This event is associated with the first Graphene Flagship Health Investment Forum, a gathering bringing together representatives from graphene innovation projects and those from the healthcare industry. Entrepreneurs in graphene technologies will have the opportunity to pitch their business project directly to investors and business leaders from the healthcare and medical communities. The Health Investment Forum provides a unique opportunity to gain feedback and advice from those currently working in the medical sector.


If you are interested in following the event, a detailed schedule of Graphene Connect Health and the Graphene for Health Investment Forum can be found here.

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