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Baumüller will be presenting numerous new products at the SPS 2019

Baumüller will be presenting numerous new products at the SPS trade fair from November 26 to 28 in
Nuremberg. In hall 1, stand 560, Baumüller will be displaying clever motor concepts, intelligent drive
functions and powerful control platforms on various stations. The connectivity and interoperability of
components via OPC UA and cloud connectivity will be presented in the Industry 4.0 area.

Baumüller components extended to include IoT connectivity

Baumüller is extending its components to include further, extensive IoT functions. This makes it easy
to network and control of machines and machine modules through to individual automation
components. With the new IoT functions, data can be collected, preprocessed and output directly at
other terminal devices or on the cloud. They make extensive and complex data analyses possible, in
order to enable Industry 4.0 applications, such as predictive maintenance. At the same time, new
business models, such as “x per use” can be achieved.

Individual parameterization for the analysis of data through to creation of their own dashboards by
users can be undertaken directly on the component. The available MQTT module allows data to be
read in from different clouds; regardless of the respective cloud provider. It also includes an OPC UA
module, which ensures interoperability at machine level.

With Node-Red, the components have a graphic parameterizing interface (flow based), so that data
can be analyzed, further processed and visualized directly at the machine.

Data from different manufacturers’ devices can be processed. Data from Baumüller products, for
example, of a b maXX converter, can be output in parallel to the fieldbus via the internal protocol and
thus via the service interface. Due to the enhanced functions, the connectivity of Baumüller devices,
such as the b maXX PCC04, with other automation components can be established via OPC UA.

New generation of the b maXX 5300 module systems – higher security functions, greater

The b maXX 5000 converter family has convincingly high-performance power units, flexible
expandability and an integrated communication concept. With the new edition of the b maXX 5300,
Baumüller is revising its module systems and is making them even more powerful and flexible for
customer use. Thanks to numerous hardware and software options, in future, customer and
application requirements can be met with even more granular solutions. For example, the number of
secure I/Os can be adjusted to the respective requirements of the application.

In addition, new security functions are integrated in the b maXX 5300, such as transfer of the secure
position via FSoE to a high-level safety control. With this function, secure space monitoring and secure
collaboration between several axes can be implemented, for example, in robotics applications.

Higher accuracy with regard to encoder resolutions is possible with the new devices. Thus, used with
security technology with a single resolver, the device has a speed resolution of less than 1 rpm. This
high position and speed accuracy is particularly important for highly dynamic applications, for example,
for textile machines or handling systems.

A further advantage is the faster response time to events: For example, on triggering the STO security
function, the controller is switched without torque with a delay of less than 1 ms.

In addition, the ETG standard for FSoE communication is implemented with the new generation of the
module systems. This means that the b maXX converters can also be easily linked to higher-level
safety controls of other manufacturers.

Intelligence in the drive

The intelligent converters of the Baumüller b maXX 5000 product family with integrated softdrivePLC
enable data analyses directly in the drive. In this way, logic operations cannot only be parameterized,
but also be programmed. An example: If the control circuits vibrate due to resonant frequencies, this
vibration can be minimized with the help of a more dynamic setting and productivity is increased.
Vibrations in the mechanics can also be filtered out with the intelligent b maXX converters.

Numerous controller functions are integrated in the b maXX 5000 series, to make the system even
more efficient and intelligent. Functions such as transmission protection, adaptation of the controller
parameters, error reactions or monitoring the thermal pump load via a temperature model ensure
lower service costs, shorter standstill times and lower system costs.

Numerous features: The new servo pump software version V2+

The adaptive pressure precontrol is a significant improvement of the software modules of the control
function in the new servo pump software version V2+. The intelligent control algorithm adjusts
adaptively to different pressure rise rates; this means that the parameterization only has to be set once
and is then automatically regulated. The software enables an overshoot-free pressure jump in
minimum time, thus ensuring an optimized process sequence. Since the corresponding parameters
adjust automatically with a standard cycle of 125 µs during the production process, the adaptive
control eliminates or greatly reduces pressure overshoots. The required pressure value therefore sets
in fully automatically with controlled transition.

The experts at Baumüller have enhanced the new software version V2+ of the servo pump to include
several protection functions, so that wear of highly loaded parts of the servo pump does not influence
the quality of the end products and also the load on the machine components is reduced. For
example, by default, the pump load is monitored within highly loaded pressure maintenance mode. If
the temperature model indicates a thermal overload, the bypass valves open automatically to remove
the overheated oil. The servo pump is cooled until it has returned to normal temperature. A further
positive aspect of the monitoring concerns the leakage characteristic. In the new version, this can be
additionally recorded and compared with reference data. This makes diagnosis easier and wear or
necessary replacement of the valves and seals can be detected faster.

New power supply units for high performances

The converter series b maXX 5000 includes feed-in and regenerative units as well as drive units,
which can be quickly and easily combined by an integrated drive connect system. This allows the
machine builder to benefit from low installation costs and short commissioning and service times. The
converters are available for air, water and oil cooling methods and, thanks to their high power density,
they require a very small installation space. The power supply units have now been expanded to
include peak output of up to 300 kW. This is ideal, for example, for dynamic movements, such as
opening and closing the injection mold or for the forming process in servopresses, where high peak
power outputs are required at short notice. With a peak current of 420 A, the large axes are ideally
suited for maximum dynamic performance.

Engineering 4.0: Faster time-to-market with the new ProSimulation software

Virtual configuration and testing of automation systems: The newly developed ProSimulation software
provides customers with a platform for getting started with the world of simulation quickly. The new
tool simplifies the virtual design, optimization and commissioning of machines and systems.
Depending on customers’ levels of experience, they can quickly set up their own simulations and
applications using the basic library or import existing software models due to to open interfaces.

The advantages of ProSimulation include time and cost savings in the development and
commissioning of new machines and systems as well as the optimization of existing machines. In
addition, the company can build up urgently needed simulation expertise for the future, thus building
competence in the areas of Industry 4.0 and digital twins. ProSimulation expands the functional range
of the ProDrive software, which allows quick and easy commissioning, parameterization and operation
of the b maXX converter family.

ProSimulation permits virtual parameterization to optimize machine behavior. Real added value for the
industry, because due to ever shorter development cycles in mechanical engineering, innovations can
be tested within the shortest possible time, including offline. This means forward-looking positioning for
optimum development.

Greater performance: compact water-cooled servomotors

Baumüller is expanding its range of servomotors to include the water-cooled models in sizes 45 and
56. With their space-saving installation and very high power density, the small models really come into
their own with their water-cooling benefits. This enables motors installed in very tight spaces to be
used at high power ratings. For the machine manufacturer, this means optimal mechanical properties,
lower costs and better efficiency.

In addition to the cost savings, the small water-cooled models also offer further advantages when it
comes to installation space: The outer dimensions of the housing family are the same as an uncooled
version; however, it offers significantly more performance. It therefore combines the advantage of
maximum cooling with minimum motor dimensions. Another advantage offered by heat dissipation
through the cooling medium of water is that the motors can be placed next to one another even when
installed in tight spaces without causing each other to heat up.

Baumüller completes its series with water cooling of size 45 and 56 servomotors, and is thus the only
manufacturer to also offer smaller sized servomotors with all cooling methods.

Global life cycle management

In addition to the development and manufacture of automation components, Baumüller as a group of
companies provides numerous services for mechanical and plant engineering and for machine
operators. From project planning, design and engineering through assembly and commissioning,
service to maintenance, retrofitting and relocation, Baumüller offers support over the entire life cycle of
machines and systems. Within its smart services, Baumüller offers consultation and services for
remote maintenance, diagnostics and networked production. With its subsidiaries Baumüller
Reparaturwerk and Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik, Baumüller also contributes its long-term
experience in service, monitoring and optimizing automation & drive systems.

With more than 40 branches worldwide, Baumüller is a reliable service partner with global network and
decades of local experience, and is therefore extremely familiar with the respective national and
regional circumstances.

SPS, Nuremberg (Germany)
November 26 – 28, 2019
Hall 1, Stand 560

Author: Anja Andraschko

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