TSN is the future – CLPA’s latest virtual seminar explains why

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The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has launched its latest video series, on the theme of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). The online seminar, divided into four parts, helps both device users and vendors learn what the technology is and how they can utilise it to optimise performance, connectivity and intelligence within their businesses.

The ability of manufacturing businesses to become futureproof Connected Industries depends on reliable, high-speed industrial communications. These support the creation of a highly connected network of automation devices that produce and consume data to optimise performance, productivity, efficiency and product quality.

To achieve that, manufacturers will need to adopt technologies, such as TSN, that lead the way forward from conventional industrial Ethernet. Improving determinism and the ability to converge different types of traffic onto the same network are some of the key aspects that TSN technology offers to support the factory of the future.

In order to explain why this shift to TSN is essential, what this innovative technology offers and how to implement it, the CLPA has released a new video series looking at these issues. John Browett, General Manager at CLPA Europe, gives an overview of the recent advances in industrial communications and the challenges that the industry is facing. He then examines what TSN is and why it is important for automation. Finally, John Browett looks at the importance of choosing an open technology that will provide a path to this future TSN technology, such as CC-Link IE TSN.

CC-Link IE TSN is the CLPA’s latest open network technology. It is the first open industrial Ethernet to combine gigabit bandwidth with Time Sensitive Networking, TSN. As a result, the technology is a key, industry-leading solution for forward-thinking manufacturers that are interested in implementing Industry 4.0 applications. In effect, CC-Link IE TSN supports this transition by addressing the present industrial communications needs whilst preparing businesses to handle the requirements of the factory of the future.

By choosing CC-Link IE TSN, manufacturers can benefit from a technology that will be widely accepted worldwide, as the CLPA features a 26 million device installed base for its open industrial Ethernet and fieldbus solutions. In addition, the growing number of CLPA’s members that are planning to develop TSN-compatible products and solutions will help end users to select from a broad and comprehensive offering from established vendors. In this way, embracing the future of manufacturing and industrial communications turns into an easy and organic implementation.

To learn more about TSN, watch the CLPA’s online seminar here: https://bit.ly/2MkWwYr

Image Caption: The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has launched its latest video series which helps both device users and vendors learn how Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) can help them optimise performance, connectivity and intelligence within their businesses.

About The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)

The CLPA is an international organisation founded in 2000 dedicated to the technical development and promotion of the CC-Link family of open automation networks. The CLPA’s key technology is CC-Link IE TSN, the world’s first open industrial Ethernet to combine gigabit bandwidth with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), making it an ideal solution for Industry 4.0 applications. Currently the CLPA has over 3,600 member companies worldwide, with more than 1,900 certified products available from over 300 manufacturers.

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