Essentra Components accurate components guide

Are your manufacturer’s components accurate? As manufacturers themselves, with production facilities in the UK, 3 other sites across EMEA and 8 more globally, Essentra Components are suppliers of high-quality injection moulded components, and know that when you’re designing a new product, ensuring that each component meets close tolerances and accurate sizes is essential. So they put together some guidelines and advice on how to make sure your manufacturer is delivering the high-quality components you need – accessible free at

The ability of the injection moulding process to produce accurate and complex components at scale is the main reason why it’s a popular method with manufacturers worldwide. However, if a manufacturer isn’t experienced in delivering the types of components you need, it’s likely that they’ll be inaccurate in terms of quality, size and tolerances.

By giving you advice on what a skilled manufacturer should offer you during component production and the injection moulding process, the guide will help you to make sure you get the right component for your final product.

With typical thoroughness this free guide progresses through the following sections:


  1. Why is component accuracy important?
  2. Inaccurate components can affect a product’s function
  3. It can affect how safe the final product is
  4. It can ruin final aesthetics
  5. The importance of accurate tool design
  6. Why selecting the right material is essential
  7. Check your manufacturer’s machinery
  8. Are your manufacturers’ components accurate?


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