Power supply with SIL certification

The new Quint Power power supply from Phoenix Contact enables you to achieve high operational safety, even for demanding applications.

The Plus version with protective coating and ATEX/IECEx approval enables use in potentially explosive areas (zone 2). It has an integrated decoupling MOSFET and double overvoltage protection with SIL 3 certification.

The static boost, which provides up to 125% of the nominal current for a sustained period, enables easy system expansion. Heavy loads can also be started easily, thanks to the dynamic boost, which provides up to 150% of the nominal current for five seconds. With a mains failure buffer time of at least 20 ms and an integrated gas discharge tube for high electrical noise immunity up to 6 kV, the device has a robust input side. The comprehensive signalling with analogue, digital, and relay contacts provides preventive function monitoring. It reports critical operating states before errors occur. Thanks to the wide temperature range from -40°C to +75°C, the Plus version is also suitable for use under extreme environmental conditions.

Automation Update