Color-coded marking system matches glove with EN/ANSI standard so workers can use the right protection for the job

Honeywell has launched a new line of industrial work gloves—CoreShieldTM— with a color-coded marking system that makes it simple to choose the correct cut protection for the work application according to the new EN/ANSI standards. The CoreShield line comprises 22 models offering cut-resistance from A1 to A9 level protection and are woven with a lightweight, high-strength yarn developed by Honeywell. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hand is the most oft-injured body part and cuts are the most common workplace injury. Companies spend over $24,000 on average for every hand injury.  In many cases of injury, workers are simply not wearing the proper glove for the job.

“Choosing the wrong cut-protective gloves exposes a worker’s hands to risk, but it may also cause discomfort and lack of productivity, which add additional costs,” said Sujo John, product manager, Honeywell Industrial Safety. “Compared to other work gloves, these offer more comfort and resistance to hand fatigue on a full job shift while providing a spectrum of customized safety against superficial cuts to lacerations of the most severe kind.”

CoreShield was developed for durability and comfort. A high-performance coating with an additional reinforced thumb provide extended life for gloves and maximum protection for hand and wrist. Comfort is achieved by using one of the lightest knitted fabrics in the industry.  By replacing the glass fiber used in most cut-resistant gloves with softer, skin-friendly yarn, CoreShield™ also reduces the risk of skin allergies. A 360° breathable option is also available.


For more information on CoreShield technology, watch this video that demonstrates the glove’s exceptional strength and comfort. Click here to view Honeywell Industrial Safety’s full line of cut-protective gloves.

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