Lee Spring Die Springs – strong, resilient, low-cost – a different approach

Lee Spring’s Heavy Duty Die Springs are not like an average spring, they’re made from different shaped wire from traditional die springs for starters, and they work in slightly different ways. But different is a good thing and as a result these springs offer a number of benefits for typical applications such as die presses, engineering machinery, brakes, clutches, soft drive mechanisms, agricultural equipment.

In an independent test conducted by the Institute of Spring Technology, Lee Spring’s Heavy Duty Die Springs demonstrated a life-expectancy at least equal to traditional rectangular wire Die Springs, but they are up to 50% cheaper than the rectangle coil versions – offering a serious saving!

Heavy Duty Die Springs from Lee Spring are manufactured using round wire with very tight wound diameters so they store more energy and in less stress instead of the traditional rectangular wire, and they are specifically designed for heavy duty applications, making them up to 30% stronger than their rectangular wired cousins. Lee Spring offers five different types of Hefty Die Springs, based on Load, for applications requiring Medium Duty up through Extra Heavy duty Die Springs and are colour coded for ease of identification, ranging from the palest grey for light loads to a bold orange for extra heavy duties.

High quality production processes involved in die spring production feature: shot-peening for extended life, pre-setting to prevent length loss in operations, plus grinding of closed ends to provide squareness and adequate large bearing surface appropriate for use in applications where heavy duty compressions are called for.

They are available in Music Wire or Chrome Silicon alloy, and powder coated for general corrosion resistance.

Clear cataloguing presents all the options from free length, dia., coil number, deflection, solid height, material, nominal rate, cost band etc.


Further information on Lee Spring products can be found on their website – www.leespring.co.uk or by following them on Twitter – https://twitter.com/leespringuk.

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