Hydra-Cell® Pulse-less MT8 Metering Pump has ATEX Certification

The Hydra-Cell MT8 low-flow, high-pressure metering and dosing pump is now available with ATEX Zone 2 certification.

Conforming to ATEX Group ll, Category 3, Zone 2, gas group (IIC) and temperature class (T5 or T4 depending on process liquid temperature), the MT8 is classified for use within explosive atmospheres consisting of a mixture of air and flammable substance in the form of gas, vapour or mist that is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur will persist for a short time only


For Category 3, Zone 2, a protective system isn’t always required. In this case, an oil level sight bowl is fitted to the drive side of the Hydra-Cell pump that enables easy monitoring by the end user.


As with all ATEX approved Hydra-Cell pumps, the MT8 features an ATEX nameplate fixed to the pump housing that displays the markings of conformity to prove the pump is “suitable for use” in the zones for which it is certified. The nameplate also indicates the specific ATEX Zone classification. Each pump is also fitted with an earth stud to test for earth continuity.


To achieve its low flow accuracy, the MT8’s flow rate is controlled by altering the pump RPM by an ATEX precision variable gear box. Keeping a constant diaphragm stroke length ensures a constant compression ratio and excellent accuracy in very large turndown applications. The variable gear box also has a lock option to stop unauthorised adjustments.