AUGMENTED MAINTENANCE: CARL Software develops a revolutionary prototype for maintenance technicians!

CARL Software, of the Berger-Levrault group, presents a product innovation that is set to revolutionise the daily lives of maintenance technicians: an augmented reality headset that facilitates maintenance work! Augmented maintenance is currently in the research and experimentation phases. A prototype is being tested in Toulouse, as part of a partnership with IRIT (Toulouse institute for IT research).

In concrete terms, the project entails equipping maintenance technicians with an augmented reality headset to facilitate maintenance work and enhance safety. Through a connection to the CARL Touch mobile application for field technicians, they have all the information they need for maintenance work, right before their eyes.

Using 3D vision, technicians can create a veritable “virtual workbench” anchored in the physical space where the work is to be performed: with a simple gesture, they can place the information needed for a technical operation within their field of view.

In real time, they can for instance: – Display the 3 modelD of the machine being worked on; – Display the list of operations to be performed and checked off; – Produce an augmented report with full context, to avoid any transcription errors; – Access remote assistance via Skype, sharing a live view with the hotline; – Control data fully, to ensure faster and safer work.

The integration of the latest augmented reality technologies into CARL Software’s maintenance management solutions demonstrates the technological and functional modularity of the CARL Source CMMS and the CARL Touch mobile application.

CARL Software is currently working with partners and customers to test concrete examples of field work and support, so as to speed up the innovation process and consolidate CARL Software’s position as a major innovator in maintenance. The objective is to implement the technology by 2021.

Demonstration at the Intelligent Building Systems exhibition on 2 and 3 October 2019 Versailles exhibition centre – Hall 2.2 – Stand C18

About CARL Software – Berger-Levrault

CARL Software, with over 30 years of expertise in equipment and asset management, has Europe’s largest team of CMMS and TAM specialists, backed by a worldwide network of distributors. Its CARL Source software is available in five industry-specific variants, and can be combined with CARL Touch, a mobile CMMS solution for field technicians and stock managers, and CARL Flash, a mobile application for service requests from all categories of user. The CARL Source CMMS and TAM software meets the needs of all sectors: • Local authorities and councils: CARL Source City • Manufacturing and process-based industries: CARL Source Factory • Management of infrastructures, assets, networks, equipment, and so on: CARL Source Facility • Passenger transport, for the management of rolling stock, infrastructure, networks, linear assets, and so on: CARL Source Transport • Management of buildings, technical and biomedical equipment for hospitals: CARL Source Healthcare

CARL Software joined the Berger-Levrault Group in May 2018. A subsidiary of the Accueil Group, Berger-Levrault publishes software and regulatory content on an international scale. According to the 2018 EY and Syntec Numérique report, it is the ninth-largest publisher in the sector. It is a major player in services to citizens and regional authorities, providing support to local public bodies and the healthcare, medico-social, education and business sectors, through its specialist solutions that combine advice, software packages, sector-specific content and services. Berger-Levrault aims to enable users to benefit from the enormous potential of digital technology through service platforms. With more than 51,000 customers and over 1,700 staff in France, Spain, Canada and Morocco, the Group offers its customers strategic support in their digital development, at a time when public data is being made openly accessible on a massive scale. In 2018, the Berger-Levrault Group (which has its head office in Boulogne-Billancourt) generated revenues of €160 million (up 10% on 2017), of which 20% outside France.

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