A new range of CNC-controlled milling machines designed around productivity and ease of use looks set to revolutionise the acts of cutting and milling for the manufacturing applications. Designed and manufactured by Italian specialist PROTEK CNC Technology, the equipment is capable of handling a full range of materials including plastics, wood, alloys, composites, MDF, Foamex/Corex, acrylics, foam, carpet and Dibond.

This is a step change into the future, with the units featuring a clever multi-function toolchanging mechanism allowing users to cut substrates normally requiring multiple tools in one operation. The device completes all the required cuts with one tool then automatically changes the tooling and moves on the next.

This automatic tool change functionality significantly reduces downtime and saves on machine preparation time. The rack and pinion angled cutting head mechanism improves accuracy and reduces noise, and the process is extremely clean; the vacuum system for removing swarf is very efficient, and works just as well for smaller tasks thanks to a zoned vacuum bed. The single piece electro-welded structural steel chassis is designed for longevity and reliability, and is less susceptible to vibration for a high-end quality result.

The PROTEK UNICO range is designed around ease of use, too, requiring no previous CNC machining experience from the operator and ensuring the training process is quick and simple. The software has been developed in-house and is very user friendly with a simple and intuitive graphical interface and the ability to import 2D drawings in various formats.

Applications include sign making, 3D milling/prototyping, routing, cardboard finishing and packaging materials amongst many others. PROTEK equipment is supplied, installed and supported throughout the UK by Dennison Group, who have an established reputation for providing high quality service and support across the printing industry.

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