The Schaffner Group expands their very successful range of current compensated chokes

Luterbach, 2nd October 2019 – The new RC chokes are available with horizontal and vertical mounting options. Standard current ranges are from 0.25 to 0.7 A with voltages up to 250 VAC.

The RC choke is a series of “Reduced Complexity” chokes, being a range of small form factor common mode choke designs, manufactured without potting. This reduces the weight and improves the quality, as there are less steps in the production process. It also fulfills the latest customer requirements in terms of recyclability and environmental friendliness.

The design approach taken for the RC choke is the first step into a new era of small form factor chokes at Schaffner. The RC choke meets customers’ expectations with the ability to perform at high ambient temperatures, up to 125°C, without losing any mechanical or safety relevant specification (de-rating calculations are provided for operational ambient temperature higher than rated values).

The range of 14 different combinations of current, inductance and mounting position makes the series suitable for power supplies and applications including LED lighting, HVAC or medical devices.

Schaffner’s RC chokes comply with RoHS and REACH requirements and are certified to IEC/EN 60938-2 (VDE 0565-2-1). With their open-frame construction, RC chokes can be easily reviewed by all safety organizations and certified as part of the end product. If required, material lists are available upon request.

The new RC chokes are in stock and available all over the world through the Schaffner global distribution and sales network.

For further information, please visit or get in touch with your local Schaffner sales point or Schaffner partner for individual support.



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