Selectronic’s gapless keypads the  way forward for touch response

A pioneer in the field of machinery aesthetics and human machine interfaces, Selectronic continues to offer a wide variety of products, including mobile keypads, cover glass, complete modules, automotive parts and lighting modules.
One area of particular interest for harsh and demanding environments is the development of gapless keypads. Consisting of keys bonded to a foil and fixed to the rear PCB via a heat seal, this solution is optimised for compact data entry mats. A tactile switch action gives the operator good clear haptic response and excellent key top finish.

PICTURED is a gapless keymat made by Selectronic for Visteon/Ford to operate a rear seat audio control unit.

To enhance the user feedback, metal domes can also be added to the gapless design proposal to maximise the ‘haptic feedback’.  This feature is particularly applicable where you have keypads being operated with a gloved hand in harsh environments and also ensures that all-important feedback to the operator.
“Where this is not required, or if price is a bigger concern, the metal dome can be replaced with a low resistance carbon pill (LRCP) to provide the  electrical function,” said Selectronic MD Kevin Dry. “As with all keypads from Selectronic, sharp edged laser etched engraving is available to provide the sharpest of images for the icons on the surface of the pad and this can be combined with optimised LED lighting to provide the very best backlight performance.
“Gapless keymats can bring a new modern look to a keypad and offer the opportunity to bring a new overall appearance to your brand.”
The one piece top surface linked to gapless also offers excellent dust and debris resistance and, with the options for hard coating, a long product life can be secured with keytop markings maintaining their integrity over the full life of your product.
“Cost savings associated with easy assemble can also be realised or by talking to our engineering team the option for a complete one piece top moulding is available,” added Dry.
“Keypad design is always an area where smooth operation combined with exceptional reliability and long life can be achieved by our Selectronic team who really understand the options and how best to configure a great switching product,” said Dry.

Selectronic, based at Witney, Oxfordshire, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Contact Selectronic today on 01935 778000 or click  to start a conversation with one of Selectronic’s experts.

Keypad spec for Automotive application:
Button – tactile switch;
LED –  signal LED additional to background illumination, fixed material- no tactile switch;
LOGO – only laser etching, fixed material, no tactile switch.
background illumination for button, LED and LOGO;
illumination of function;
both the LED from background illumination and function positioned in the middle with reverse mount LED.
Finished in matt black, laser etching.

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