Printed Electronics USA: All The Applications & All The Technologies

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For over 16 years IDTechEx analysts have studied the printed electronics market in all its forms – organic, flexible and hybrid electronics. There have been tremendous successes such as OLED displays and conductive ink for PV, touch screens and bio sensors. There has also been substantal investment creating new enabling materials, processes and components which differentiate and improve products.

However, market adoption of these new technologies can be the most difficult and frustrating part of the innovation cycle. Finding the solution to successful marketing is often recognised as being almost as challenging as the original invention.

Printed Electronics USA is designed to speed up market adoption. Devised by global analysts IDTechEx, it focuses on showcasing the OEM requirements for the technology, case studies and the latest innovations. It addresses questions such as: “What is the market opportunity?” and “What is really valued by OEMs?”

Held in Santa Clara on November 20 & 21, Printed Electronics USA brings together companies in consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, retail brands and many other sectors thanks to its co-location with related technologies. For example, the event covers the intersection of 3D printing with printed electronics; how wearables is driving the need for flexible and stretchable electronics; how the huge changes in the vehicle industry from combustion engines to electric motors is creating opportunities for printed electronics from structural electronics to new material requirements.

The event will also feature over 270 exhibitors, many demonstrating the technology in action, as well as over 250 leading speakers from around the world. This will ensure that the latest trends and opportunities are aired, providing valuable insights for attendees.

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