The big benefit of the Robotiq Grippers from RARUK Automation is they need no specialist knowledge to install them.  A Plug + Play kit and intuitive software enables the gripper to be programmed directly on the robot’s touchscreen in the space of just a few minutes.  This key characteristic applies to the entire range including two new vacuum grippers to the RARUK Automation range – the AirPick and EPick.


Both are fully customisable vacuum grippers and compatible with all top cobots including the Universal Robots also supplied by RARUK Automation.  They provide manufacturers with a versatile and cost-efficient alternative to complicated custom-designed solutions that are both expensive and inflexible.


The new additions are designed to give manufacturers full control of automation processes, including pick-and-place assembly, packaging, palletising, sanding and machine-tending.


They are ideal for picking up even and uneven workpieces made from different materials such as cardboard, glass, dry sheet metal and plastic. A customisable bracket and unique air nodes, that link the air tubes to the suction cups, enable the gripper to be optimally applied to the application.


EPick operates without an air supply – making it highly mobile – and AirPick has a powerful vacuum flow.  Both models can also be combined with the Robotiq Wrist Camera, also available from RARUK Automation, to teach the gripper to handle new parts.


Also new from RARUK Automation is the Robotiq Sanding Kit, the world’s first hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots. The kit can reduce set-up and programming time to a matter of minutes.


Taking maximum advantage of the Robotiq FT300 Force Torque Sensor, the Sanding Kit features a built-in path generator for consistent force during each cycle – a key feature in finishing tasks that require material removal.



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