The 5 most powerful Battle Tanks in the World


The cavalry of today

Nowadays battle tanks are the backbone of most modern land forces and armies. These are combat vehicles, usually equipped with a large cannon and machine guns. In camouflage colours, they usually move around agilely on caterpillar tracks and feature an armour to protect them against ballistic attacks. A comparison with earlier tanks is absolutely out of the question because they have nothing in common with today’s military combat machines. In terms of performance, these are unequalled. We have selected the 5 most powerful main battle tanks for you in our image gallery.

Historically, the tank first appeared in World War I. At that time Russia was the leading country in the use of armoured cars and wheeled tanks. As you can imagine, they were poorly designed in terms of off-road mobility and firepower. Nevertheless, the term tank is still in use in English-speaking countries for their modern counterparts.

But if you think that today’s tanks are unstoppable, you’re wrong. Without adequate air defence or air supremacy, even these are vulnerable. Some countries, such as the Netherlands, for example, have meanwhile decided against owning tanks, so that they gave away all 60 battle tanks they possessed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, could not part with his tank, which he drove during his military service, and bought it without further ado. This is understandable when you consider that, at least the British combat vehicles, are equipped with a kettle so that the crew is able to prepare tea, coffee, instant cups and the like.

In fact, there is a wide variety of tanks, such as amphibious tanks, airborne tanks, mortar carriers, etc. The most common tank among them is the main battle tank. A characteristic feature of these is a rotating gun turret. It is one of the most heavily armoured and flexibly armed tanks in the world. For this reason, our list will only include this type of tank.

The tanks may seem pretty similar in terms of horsepower, but the weight is different. In order to combine both, we decided to use the horsepower per tonne as our criterion.

You can now find out which 5 battle tanks are among the most powerful in the world in our image gallery. Have fun clicking through!

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