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Initially funded by the governmental SME loan guarantee scheme, Crystal Tech Electronics was established in 2003, and has since acquired substantial funding from Hong Kong based Yeebo Display Ltd, and has subsequently broadened its shoulders significantly. Despite having offices, meeting rooms and stores in Basingstoke, customer service operations are orchestrated from Brno, Czech Republic. Overseen by Kristina, a multi lingual Brno local and Crystal Tech operative of nine years, the Brno base maintains relationships with China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Crystal Tech produces from concept to container, bespoke electronic displays and touch panels, as well as offering technical and logistical support to a worldwide clientele for a range of products, including Prime Principal Yeebo Displays. Crystal Tech also provides plastic moulding and full turnkey manufacturing services. 60% of the company’s business is made up of companies within the professional medical market, with what’s left balanced between industrial and consumer markets.

Crystal Tech offers direct contact with its Design and Application teams, securing the highest quality solution for the customer, long term availability and low cost ownership from initial NRE. The company boasts a vast array of standard displays from 1.3” to 15.6” with CTP and high luminance back lights. Samples and preproduction quantities can also be purchased of nearly all standard displays in the UK and can if necessary offer no MOQ when either delivered throughout the UK/Europe or FOB Hong Kong.

Weighty investment has been placed in new display technologies and capacitive touch panels and fully automated robotic production lines, resulting in high yielding and quality products. Crystal Tech prides itself on a flawless delivery and quality record and global satisfaction to its name.

The company is currently focusing on IPS panels, with particular attention being paid to 2.4”, 2.8” and IPS 10.1” to 15.6”. Later this year the company will introduce its ground-breaking 3D technology, which produces full 3D images and videos without the user having to wear cumbersome glasses. This technology is set to completely revolutionise the 3D viewable and interactive experience. Crystal Tech’s main OEM customers are primarily involved in medical products such as blood glucose diagnostics, dental x-ray, vending and beverage machines, heating controls and theatre broadcast systems, along with others.

With regards to the ever changing market, and the inevitable oncoming Brexit turbulence, Crystal Tech’s Colin Saunders had this to say, “We are ready for any Brexit situation, with facilities in the UK and the Czech Republic. 90% of our shipments are direct from Hong Kong either to end customers, distributors or ECMs worldwide.”

The company will also shortly sign as agents to a major ISO13485/FDA approved ECM in china, after gaining extensive experience in assembling millions of medical, telecom and e-banking products firstly in Malaysia.

Throughout the last 12 months, Crystal Tech has exhibited at Electronica in support of the Principal Yeebo products, and Southern Manufacturing, both of which concluded in resounding success. During 14–16 May, Crystal Tech will exhibit alongside their Dutch distributor Top-Electronics at PCIM Utrecht, Jaarbeurs, as well as Northern Manufacturing in November. Future plans for the company include the vertical integration of plastic housing, displays, SBC/SOM/SOC components and complete assembly.

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