Material players set for big gains/losses in EV $1,000+ bn revolution

The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly. IDTechEx forecast that the total market will exceed $1,000bn value within the next 5-years across all categories: land, sea, and air. This huge growth is resulting in major turbulence within the supply chain. Particularly, the material considerations are different to traditional internal combustion engines and provide a significant opportunity or threat—depending on your viewpoint.

IDTechEx is hosting six expert-led Business and Technology Insight Forums in Stuttgart on 3-4 December 2019, Stuttgart, Germany on the electric vehicle and energy storage industries. Each forum is 2h 15min long and gives player analysis, market trends, and technical requirements. The forums can be booked here: or by contacting Michael; [email protected].

Key themes: the material opportunities and challenges.  Highlighting the electric powertrain from the battery cell chemistry to use-cases in motors, roles in thermal management and beyond.

Forums 1 and 2 will focus on the markets for electric vehicles and trends for land, sea and air.  They will look at the escape from peak car and the next wave of electric vehicles.  The roadmap for India and China is covered in Forum 2.

Forum 3 will focus on smart materials and their use in transportation applications. This will include fundamentals about composites, nanomaterials, photovoltaics, piezoelectric and more. The forum will highlight the relevance of these advanced materials for structural and conformal electronic applications, energy harvesting devices, and smart glass.

Forums 4 & 5 will focus on the underlying battery technology, including details of the material compositions across the supply chain. Not only for lithium-ion batteries, but also for “post-lithium” variants and supercapacitors. The material developments in this field are the key to progressing the energy density, cycle rate, mechanical performance, and more.

Forum 6 Part A will provide a detailed look at the traction motors for electric vehicles. Each motor type will be benchmarked, and the material composition highlighted—clear progressions, rate of adoption, and the challenges, will all be discussed.

Forum 6 Part B will analyse the thermal management of an electric vehicle, specifically of the complete battery pack. This area is rapidly changing as OEM adopt different strategies and there are shifting market trends and regulations. The thermal interface material (TIM) will be discussed in detail as a key material component. Early-stage opportunities are also investigated including phase change materials and immersion-cooled fluids.

Finally, an overview of other material opportunities in battery pack will take place, including detailed analysis, e.g. into the polymeric opportunity in lightweighting enclosures, and challenges associated with appropriate EMI shielding and fire protection.

For full list of our forum topics and to register with the latest attendee discount, please visit our website:

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