Upcoming webinar: Tackling CAD model clean-up for simulation and design

On Tuesday 15th October 2019, Eureka! and International TechneGroup (ITI) will be bringing design engineers a webinar hosted by ITI’s managing director, Andy Chinn.

Today’s model-based enterprise demands ever greater reuse of 3D CAD model geometry across diverse simulation, design and manufacturing applications. Clean, reusable 3D geometry suitably adapted for downstream applications is a necessity.

This webinar will explore the issues that companies face as they attempt to leverage the value invested in their 3D CAD models across downstream applications and will look at what can be done in terms of methods, processes and tools to help meet these challenges.

Using select examples from global manufacturers, attendees will learn how to process CAD models geometry for optimal use in target simulation and manufacturing applications.

What will you learn during this session?

  • How to recognise issues with 3D CAD models that can impact downstream reusability
  • How to mitigate against CAD model re-use issues
  • How to adapt and repurpose CAD models for use in target CAD, CAM and CAE applications
  • Experiences with real world customer case studies and model clean-up examples

Can’t make the live time? Register now to gain access to the on-demand version after the live webinar has taken place.

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