Manufacture of multi-level industrial warehouses for storing and retrieving bar, tube, sheet and other material automatically, and production of the world’s most extensive range of sawing machines for cutting the material accurately, are the two specialisms of the German firm, KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH. The company, a bastion of the country’s mittelstand and now in its sixth generation of family ownership and management, is this year celebrating the 175th anniversary of its formation by Karl Stolzer.

The subsidiary company looking after the UK and Irish markets is KASTO Ltd, Milton Keynes ( Headed by managing director Ernst Wagner, it is an autonomous business unit that plans and designs storage and sawing systems for factories and stockholding operations. The company is responsible for project management, installation, commissioning, training, service and support, calling on assistance from the German parent company when needed.

Being the only manufacturer of all three types of saw, hacksaws, bandsaws and circular saws, KASTO offers the widest possible variety of options to its customers for small to large batch production. The product selection ranges from small pull-down saws for the job shop to high-performance manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic horizontal and vertical bandsaws for processing large blocks and plates.

A high degree of automation is possible, both on the input side of the saw, via automated stores, roller conveyors and buffer stations, and on the output side, with systems for cut piece and remnant handling, post processing (deburring, facing, centring, cleaning, marking) and robotic sorting. Over 140,000 saws installed around the world are witness to the satisfaction of customers and the success of the products.

As regards warehousing of material, KASTO’s maxims are 3D and CNC. Three-dimensional, high density storage of bar, tube and other long stock as well as sheet, boxes and pallets takes material off the floor and out of conventional racking, saving space, minimising risk to personnel and reducing the chance of damaging the material.

Computer control of the storage means that material can be called up more quickly and reliably, maximising productivity. Inventory control is also more efficient using built-in functionality in the KASTO controller, with easy connectivity to MRP systems and into the wider Industry 4.0 environment. Storage systems can be interfaced directly with KASTO saws and other types of machine tool. More than 2,200 automated storage systems have been installed worldwide for all types of application, in all sizes, some with integrated saws.

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