For Range Finding, LiDAR and Optical Communications

The SAE230VSx and SAE500VSx epitaxial avalanche photodiodes are general purpose detectors with high responsivity and extremely fast rise/fall times. The peak responsivity at 650nm is ideally suited to range fi nding applications using low cost visible diode lasers. From our research and production facility in Tempe, LASER COMPONENTS supplies customers all over the world with these industrial grade detectors.

Unlike a conventional PIN diode, APDs use an internal electric fi eld to accelerate the charge carriers set free by the incoming radiation, generating an avalanche of electron-hole pairs through impact ionisation and producing a much larger photocurrent than can be created using a PIN diode.
The SAE series is based on a planar epitaxial structure and can be purchased as either a red or NIR enhanced device, depending on the wavelength range of interest.
The diameter of the active area of the SAE500VS2 is 500 microns and the devices are manufactured in a standard two pin TO-46 can which is hermetically sealed. Other packaging options are available, and the devices can be manufactured with thermo electric coolers in a TO-37 package if required. The V in the part number signifi es the detector is enhanced for operation in the red region of the spectrum, replacing the V with an N indicates an NIR optimised unit. These devices have long expected lifetimes making them ideal for fi t and forget applications such as range fi nding, LiDAR and optical communications.

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